AWS for Advertising & Marketing

Innovate faster, operate more efficiently, and interoperate together with purpose-built AWS Services, AWS Solutions, and 150+ AWS Partner offerings.

Advertising and marketing technology

AWS brings together a comprehensive set of purpose-built AWS Services, AWS Solutions, and 150+ AWS Partner offerings to help customers innovate faster, operate efficiently, and interoperate together across 5 critical solution areas: Audience & Customer Data Management, Privacy-Enhanced Data Collaboration, Ad Intelligence & Measurement, Ad Platforms, and Digital Customer Experience. AWS simplifies the process for industry customers to select the right tools and partners in each area, helping accelerate production launches and drive faster time to value.
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1. Innovate Faster

Advertising and marketing technology companies can innovate faster using the broadest capabilities for compute, analytics, and machine learning to create scalable and cost-efficient platforms, accelerate time to market for predictive analytics workloads, improve personalization, and more.

2. Optimize Cost-Performnace

With the fastest processors in the cloud, along with more sizes and types of compute instances, the breadth of AWS compute capabilities creates more opportunities to optimize performance by running workloads at petabyte scale and millisecond latency.

3. Improve interoperability

AWS offers purpose-built services and solutions that help brands, media publishers, and their partners to interoperate and collaborate while protecting consumer data. With AWS Clean Rooms, you can create a secure data clean room in minutes and more easily collaborate with hundreds of thousands of companies on AWS without sharing underlying data.

Explore solution areas for advertising and marketing

Audience & Customer Data Management

Create a complete view of your consumers with identity resolution and customer 360 solutions from AWS and AWS Partners.

Privacy-Enhanced Data Collaboration

Collaborate with leading brands, media publishers, and partners using purpose-built services and solutions that help protect consumer data.

Ad Intelligence & Measurement

Spend less time on data engineering and more time on data science with access to the broadest analytics and machine learning capabilities in the cloud.

Ad Platforms

Run ultra-low latency advertising workloads with unmatched cost-performance by leveraging the broadest selection of compute capabilities and fastest processors in the cloud.

Digital Customer Experience

Deliver personalized experiences at scale with purpose-built services and 90+ partner offerings.


Cloud Wizard offers the following managed services: – 

  • Monitoring & Observability
  • Configuration, Compliance & Auditing
  • Centralized Operations Management
  • Enterprise Governance & Controls

It is recommended to let a dedicated team of professionals take charge of your cloud environment if your business is growing fast, or if managing operations will be time-consuming which is, in turn, causing performance problems.

At Cloud Wizard, we have a team of Cloud Analysts that regularly meets you for discussion over issues like cost saving, performance issues, and modernization. Our CloudOps team helps effectively diagnose problems, and fix your services and outages. 

Managed services do not consist of designing or implementation of any new infrastructure. They only work on maintenance of your pre-existing cloud infrastructure. 

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