AWS in Public Sector

Paving the way for innovation and supporting world-changing projects in government, education, nonprofit, and healthcare organizations

Government, education, nonprofit, and healthcare organizations around the world face unique challenges to accomplish complex missions with limited resources. Public sector leaders engaged in true cloud computing projects overwhelmingly turn to the power and speed of Amazon Web Services (AWS) when they want to serve citizens more effectively, accelerate innovation and digital transformation, and put more of their time and resources into their core missions. AWS Public Sector Sales is available to discuss your needs around specific services, workloads, or sovereign cloud regions.

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Benefits of Retail

1. Cost savings

AWS offers low, pay-as-you-go pricing with no up-front expenses or long-term commitments. We are able to build and manage a global infrastructure at scale, and pass the cost saving benefits onto you in the form of lower prices. With the efficiencies of our scale and expertise, we have reduced prices 115 times since AWS launched in 2006.

2. Agility and instant elasticity

AWS provides a massive global cloud infrastructure that allows you to quickly innovate, experiment, and iterate. Instead of waiting weeks or months for hardware, you can instantly deploy new applications, instantly scale up as your workload grows, and instantly scale down based on demand.

3. Flexibility

AWS is a language and operating system agnostic platform. You choose the development platform or programming model that makes the most sense for your mission. You can select which services you use and choose how you use them. This flexibility allows you to focus on innovation, not infrastructure.

4. Security

Experts recognize that security in the cloud is better than it is with on-premises infrastructure. Broad security certification and accreditation, data encryption at rest and in transit, hardware security modules, and strong physical security all contribute to a more secure way to manage your organization’s IT infrastructure.

AWS in public sector

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Whether you serve a community of hundreds or millions, Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help you manage IT costs, enhance data security, and modernize with the power of cloud computing. Learn how to get started on your first workload today.

Explore public sector industry segments


National, regional, and local governments and GovTech companies


Educational institutions, EdTech companies, and students


Nonprofit organizations, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and tech companies serving nonprofits


Public sector healthcare organizations


Cloud Wizard offers the following managed services: – 

  • Monitoring & Observability
  • Configuration, Compliance & Auditing
  • Centralized Operations Management
  • Enterprise Governance & Controls

It is recommended to let a dedicated team of professionals take charge of your cloud environment if your business is growing fast, or if managing operations will be time-consuming which is, in turn, causing performance problems.

At Cloud Wizard, we have a team of Cloud Analysts that regularly meets you for discussion over issues like cost saving, performance issues, and modernization. Our CloudOps team helps effectively diagnose problems, and fix your services and outages. 

Managed services do not consist of designing or implementation of any new infrastructure. They only work on maintenance of your pre-existing cloud infrastructure. 

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