AWS Training And Certification Makes Cloud Tech Accessible At All Skill Levels



Cloud technology has enabled organizations in the digital landscape today to be competitive, agile, and more focused towards success than ever. With cloud computing, businesses have been experiencing flexibility while being cost-effective. This has brought cloud technology to the limelight for aspirants coming from all walks of life are now intrigued by this domain. 

However, to master the skills required for becoming a cloud professional, you need to have a good grasp over the nitty-gritty of cloud technologies to be able to appropriately deploy and maintain it in the long run. It is often believed that you need to have prior knowledge of cloud or come from a particular background to start your journey into cloud, but that’s actually not true. With AWS training and certification courses, cloud has become democratized and accessible to all who are interested. How has this phenomenon come about, and how can you benefit from these credentials – let us take a look.

AWS training and certification helps you become cloud-competent regardless of your skill level 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a number of structured classroom training as well as digital courses with equivalent certifications, that can help you gain knowledge and hands-on expertise in various aspects of cloud computing right from architecting to developing and so on. 

The best part? You don’t necessarily need to have prior cloud experience or knowledge to enroll in some of them, which makes it easily accessible for you to be equipped with essential cloud information and be the professional you have always wanted to be within this domain. Let us see how AWS training and certification proves to be beneficial for people of different skill levels: – 

1. New to the Cloud Domain

If you are completely new to cloud and have no idea of any of its basics, you can still find your way into the domain and pursue a career. It is recommended to begin with foundational courses like AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials and then pursue their certifications to be well-versed with the basics of the AWS cloud environment. 

At this stage, you should try to gain as much knowledge as possible, and develop your cloud aptitude by applying the theoretical concepts you learn in a practical way. Hands-on labs provided by AWS could be of great help in this case.

2. Entering the domain after a long career break

Gaining AWS certifications can be a boon for those who wish to re-enter the job market after a rather long career break. Additionally if you wish to revitalize your professional growth, participating in AWS mentoring programs can equip you with a lot of know-how to keep up with the ever-evolving world of cloud computing.

3. Unsure about joining AWS cloud as a traditional IT professional

AWS Certifications come in different levels. Starting with the foundation level ones can help you transition smoothly from your traditional IT roles and upskill smoothly to become aware and familiarized with the various components of AWS cloud. These certifications can be beneficial in advancing your career opportunities to management roles among others. 

5 AWS training and certification courses to give your career a boost 

AWS training and certification courses are ideal for anyone looking forward to developing a foundational expertise in the cloud domain and then move towards higher levels of certification for greater expertise. There are a wide range of courses pertaining to various skill levels and career paths that AWS training consists of. 

Let’s explore some of the best AWS training and certification courses that can be of great help in your cloud journey: – 

AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials


Good course to start your journey into cloud, it covers fundamental AWS concepts and services.
Whether you’re in sales, marketing, IT, or project management, this course provides a solid base of AWS Cloud knowledge.

Find out more about the course right here!

Following the course you can apply for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam, which validates foundational, high-level understanding of AWS Cloud, services, and terminology.  This AWS Training and Certification is a good starting point for individuals with no prior IT or cloud experience looking for foundational cloud literacy.

Read more about this Certification right here!

Developing on AWS


 This course is designed for developers who want to build web applications using AWS services and tools. You will learn practical skills for success in AWS development projects, including deployment of applications and troubleshooting. 

Find out more about the course right here!

The completion of the course will enable you to demonstrate your ability to develop, install and troubleshoot cloud applications using AWS as a prerequisite for becoming an “AWS Developer Associate” certificate.

Read more about this Certification right here!

Architecting on AWS


This course is designed for architects and developers of solutions who have a thorough understanding of the principles of AWS architecture, such as security, networking, data storage or automation. It will help you determine the services and features that are necessary in order to create security and highly available IT solutions from AWS Cloud. 

Find out more about the course right here!

Upon completion, you will be ready to take the Certified AWS Architect Solutions Associate exam, which would certify your skills in designing cost effective and performance driven solutions aligned with the principles of the Amazon Well Architected Framework.

Read more about this Certification right here!

DevOps Engineering on AWS


This course will acquaint you with various concepts of DevOps and learn how to speed up software delivery and IT management in Amazon Web Services. This course is dedicated to automation and collaboration, helping you effectively use practices and tools that promote your organization’s ability to create, provide and maintain applications and services at a rapid rate in the Amazon Web Services cloud. 

Find out more about the course right here!

Successfully completing the course will prepare you to receive an AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional certification, which confirms your ability to rapidly deliver highly accessible, scalable, secure and compliant solutions for organizations.

Read more about this Certification right here!

The Machine Learning Pipeline on AWS


Explore the various aspects of machine learning (ML) with this course, which guides you through building and deploying ML models on AWS using Amazon SageMaker. Perfect for data engineers and solution architects.

Find out more about the course right here!

Following the course you can pursue the AWS Certified Machine Learning – Speciality certification that would validate your ability to build, train, tune and deploy machine learning (ML) models on AWS at the industry level.

Read more about this Certification right here!

Cloud Wizard – Advanced Tier Training Partner With AWS


As an advanced tier training partner with AWS, Cloud Wizard offers off-the-shelf courses and certifications to help you master various technologies within the domain of cloud. Our Amazon Authorized instructors provide you with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel. Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to upskill or a newcomer eager to explore the possibilities of cloud tech, Cloud Wizard will be your partner in success with its host of AWS Training and Certification offerings, hands-on labs and focused exam prep sessions. 

Want to take your career to the next level? Upskill yourself with a host of AWS courses right here!



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