Why Learn AWS Cloud Certification Courses in 2023?

AWS is regarded as the Leader because it strives for excellence and innovation. It has excelled in carrying out and realizing the vision it possesses. AWS’s services and cloud certification courses eventually satisfy the current demand for cloud computing. Due to its remarkable capabilities and status as an industry pioneer, it dominates the market. So, if you are looking for particular courses that can help your skill up and land a lucrative job, here are 9 reasons why switching to the Amazon AWS cloud can be a great deal.

9 Reasons to Go for An AWS Course 

  • Increased Rate of AWS Demand by Tech Giants.

The heart of Amazon’s cloud computing is known as Amazon Web Service (AWS). Almost all industries have clients and organizations using AWS to host some aspect of their services. Given that it offers services and facilities whenever you need them, AWS cloud is the one-stop shop for everyone. According to analysis, the cloud infrastructure courses, and platform services sectors continue to be dominated by Amazon’s AWS, which has a 32% market share. Due to its ongoing desire for innovation and cloud technology, AWS announced staggering revenue of USD 13.5 billion in the first quarter of 2021, representing a 32% increase over the prior year.

  • You Can Navigate Through a Lot of Job Opportunities. 

You can find greater employment possibilities and advance professionally faster thanks to it. Demand for AWS specialists and professionals will inevitably rise at an unprecedented rate as more and more businesses migrate to the cloud, preferably using AWS. Do you believe a CV with an AWS cloud certification course degree will not be hired? AWS certification shows the interviewer that you can accept the position, start working immediately, and be successful.

  • You Can Skill-Up Your Resume. 

The hard truth is that technology drives today’s world and that technology is constantly evolving. As a result, qualified workers are needed continuously to keep up with changing demands. AWS certifications give you the necessary abilities to stand out in the crowd and prepare you for the workforce, saving you from the muck. It serves as evidence of your knowledge and skill in the field. According to statistics, AWS skills are required for almost 60% of jobs in the cloud computing industry. Therefore, don’t pass up this excellent opportunity to begin your AWS adventure and earn your certification by selecting the appropriate AWS Certification. Because it is so necessary, one should consider why one should study AWS. And, if you are looking for the best professionals to get tuned with the AWS cloud services, Cloud Wizard Consulting can be the best bet. The institute offers in-person and virtual sessions by industry-leading instructors who help you navigate the complexities of AWS and grow your skill set.

  • AWS Is Most Widely Used. 

The largest market share globally among all suppliers of cloud computing belongs to AWS. It contains 25 global Regions listed under “Region” and more than 81 data centers listed under “Availability Zone”. High throughput, low latency, high availability, and redundant networking systems connect these Regions and Availability Zones. In addition, 21 more Availability Zones with 7 AWS regions have been set by AWS.

  • It Offers a Wide Range of Services. 

With more than 200 services and fully functional capabilities, Amazon Web Services can assist you in many fields, including machine learning, storage, security, databases, mobile applications, artificial intelligence, data analytics, data lakes, the internet of things, and many more. These features and AWS services were created with specific applications in mind and can be tailored to fit their requirements. Thanks to AWS services, businesses and organizations benefit from a competitive advantage, scalability, and lower IT costs.

  • AWS Is Affordable. 

One of the most cost-effective systems with a pay-as-you-go pricing structure is AWS. You only have to pay for the services you take; there is no long-term commitment necessary. Its pricing is comparable to an electricity bill in that you only pay for what you use. Additionally, it provides a free tier for an entire year for users new to AWS technology.

  • AWS Learning Resources Are in Abundance 

If you are willing to enroll in AWS Cloud Certification Courses, you can easily find the best instructors near you. And, while you have ample choices, Cloud Wizard Consulting can help you pave the path to success with its brilliance in AWS technology and its mission to train individuals through a professional approach.

  • You Can Get Recognized. 

AWS-certified individuals become the center of attention inside their organizations. AWS is packed with technology and services. Knowing about it helps you comprehend these features and services much more thoroughly and equips you with the practical knowledge you need to put them into practice, leading to recognition, name recognition, and notoriety. Additionally, it facilitates networking and interpersonal connections.

  • AWS Cloud Is Highly Secure. 

AWS fully embraces security, forcing the company owner to pay more attention to core values than security. Its compliance procedures and extensive security network allow for the early detection of threats and weaknesses. 230 compliance, governance, and security features support security. AWS supports 90 security and compliance technologies and certifications. More than 117 AWS services are available to store customer data in encryption.

Why Is Cloud Wizard Consulting Right for You?

Carrying years of proficiency in the Amazon AWS services, we, at Cloud Wizard Consulting, help you earn your AWS certifications with the help of industry-level instructors and live, hands-on labs practical’s. Our teaching system is easy to navigate and helpful, especially if you are a working professional who is trying to upgrade your skill set. Get in touch with us to get started today.

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AWS Bundles – Active Directory Bundle

  • Simplify your Active Directory integration with our pre-packaged AWS resources.
  • It’s a combination package of EC2 pre-installed with Microsoft Active Directory and Domain Controllers.
  • You can either choose to install the Active Directory alone or add the Domain Controller together. The Roles and Services are configured and installed.
  • It is a One-size fits all bundle for most SMB spaces when it comes to Active Directory Deployment.
  • In terms of security, the VM is pre-configured with host-based firewall to allow RDP.
  • When to use this bundle?
  • A new Active Directory Setup in AWS
  • Extending your AD infrastructure into AWS
  • Adding additional Domain Controllers in AD
  • Price starting from USD57/month

Bundle Overview

  • 1 x Virtual Machine (Windows/Ubuntu)
  • You can choose from 3 database server sizes: (Small: 2vCPU’s, 4GB RAM, 50GB / Medium: 2vCPU’s, 8GB RAM, 50GB / Large: 4vCPU’s, 16GB RAM, 50GB.)
  • Pre-configured host-based firewall to allow RDP
  • Deployable in existing networks in AWS or new networks (Network Bundle)
  • ADDS roles and services configured and installed
  • Automatically joined to your AD Domain

AWS Bundles – Web Hosting Bundle

  • Quickly deploy and manage your web applications with our pre-packaged AWS resources.
  • This bundle is designed for new customers just starting their journey on AWS and customers migrating a Windows-based web application to AWS. It is suitable for any workloads that require an application server and MySQL database server.
  • The bundle is pre-configured with subnets, web server and a database in Multi-AZ environment with routing and preconfigured host firewalls.
  • Price starting from USD1,666/month

Bundle Overview

  • 2 x Public Subnet
  • 2 x Private Subnets with no exposure to the internet
  • 1 x Windows WebApp Server
  • 1 x RDS MS SQL
  • 3 available sizes:
    • Small, 2 vCPUs, 4GB RAM,40GB EBS, 2 vCPUs, 8GB RAM, 40GB EBS 
    • Medium, 2 vCPUs, 8GB RAM,80GB EBS, 4 vCPUs, 16GB RAM,80GB EBS 
    • Large, 4 vCPUs, 16GB RAM,120GB EBS, 8 vCPUs, 32GB RAM,120GB EBS
  • Multi-AZ Deployment
  • Preconfigured routing and security group for web server and database

AWS Bundles – Secure Storage Bundle

  • Safeguard your data with our secure storage solution.
  • This One-size-fits all bundle enables you and your customer to build a secured storage environment in AWS.
  • Your AWS S3 will be added with additional securities encompassing storage security such as data loss prevention, scanning malware or malicious files uploaded or backed up in your Cloud storage.
  • It employs AWS’s native security features plus the Cloud market’s best security solutions to make the storage impregnable.
  • When to use this bundle …
    • New Customers Migrating to AWS
    • Storage Offload from on-premise to AWS
    • Application Modernisation

  • Price starting from USD25/month

Bundle Overview

  • 1 x S3 Bucket
  • You can choose from 3 sizes: (Small: 50GB / Medium: 100GB / Large: 150GB)
  • Deployable in existing networks in AWS or new networks (Network Bundle)

AWS Bundles – AWS WAF Bundle

  • Protect your applications with our pre-packaged AWS WAF solution.
  • This bundle is designed for…
    • A new customer just starting its journey on AWS and is building a web application
    • A customer is migrating a web application to AWS
    • A customer has a workload on AWS (ELB/API Gateway/CloudFront) that they want to secure from web-based attacks.
  • It protects against common application attacks such as XSS attacks, Bots and DDoS, SQL injection, and unwanted malicious traffics. Workloads such as ELB, API Gateway, and CloudFront will be secured with one-click bundle installation.
  • Price starting from USD5/month

Bundle Overview

  • Protection against common application vulnerabilities or other unwanted traffic
  • Protection from malicious traffic that increases resource consumption
  • Protection from XSS attacks.
  • (Optional) Protection from bots and DDoS attacks.
  • (Optional) Protection from SQL Injection attacks
  • Protection from PHP/WordPress attacks
  • Centralised WAF logging and monitoring

AWS Bundle – Network Bundle

  • Set up your network infrastructure easily and securely with our pre-packaged AWS resources.
  • This bundle is designed for the new customer just starting their journey on AWS2 and any new workloads that require their own network.
  • Bolster Your Security Posture
  • The VM is a pre-configured Routing and host-based firewall to allow RDP. The bundle is also pre-configured with host firewalls for web servers and databases.
  • Price starting from USD135/month

Bundle Overview

  • 2 x Public subnets in 2 Data Centers
  • 2 x Private Subnets behind a Router with NAT Capabilities
  • 2 x Private Subnets with no exposure to the internet
  • 1 x Bastion Subnet
  • 1 x Bastion Host/Jump Server
  • Preconfigured Routing
  • Preconfigured host firewalls for web servers and databases
  • Architectural Best Practices included

AWS Bundles – Database Bundle

  • Deploy and easily manage your databases using our pre-packaged AWS resources.
  • This bundle installs the managed database of your choice (MySQL, MSSQL, PostresSQL, Maria) and is easy to deploy on existing networks or new networks
  • Standardised way to deploy databases in AWS
  • The VM is pre-configured with host-based firewall to allow a secured connection to the database.
  • Price starting from USD200/month

Bundle Overview

  • 1 x Managed Database Server (MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Maria)
  • You can choose from 3 database server sizes: (Small: 2vCPU’s, 4GB RAM, 50GB / Medium: 2vCPU’s, 8GB RAM, 50GB / Large: 2vCPU’s, 16GB RAM, 50GB
  • Pre-configured host based firewall to allow connection on the database
  • Deployable in existing networks in AWS or new networks (Network Bundle)

AWS Bundles – Virtual Machines Bundle

  • Quickly deploy virtual machines with our easy-to-use automation templates for your computing needs
  • Virtual Machines bundle deploys either Windows or Ubuntu Virtual Machines in AWS environment with sizes of your choice.
  • This is a barebone Virtual machine, and the server placement depends on your need – it can be in a Public subnet if you want your server exposed to the internet or a Private subnet if you are using VMs that do not require internet exposure, such as databases.
  • Price starting from USD50/month

Bundle Overview

  • 1 x Virtual Machine (Windows/Ubuntu)
  • You can choose from 3 sizes: (Small: 2vCPU’s, 4GB RAM, 50GB / Medium: 2vCPU’s, 8GB RAM, 50GB / Large: 2vCPU’s, 16GB RAM, 50GB)
  • Pre-configured host based firewall to allow RDP
  • Deployable in existing networks in AWS or new networks (Network Bundle)