AWS for Energy & Utilities

Transform. Innovate. Accelerate the energy transition.

Together, we are accelerating the energy transition through practical innovations for today and tomorrow that deliver energy efficiently, reliably, sustainably, and responsibly. AWS brings the most advanced and secure cloud services and deep industry expertise across energy, utilities, and sustainable energy sectors. With the broadest energy partner ecosystem, AWS empowers energy leaders to improve performance, accelerate innovation, transform the customer experience, maximize safety and security, and minimize their carbon footprint.

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Benefits of AWS for Energy & Utilities

1. Efficiency, delivered.

Automate processes, predict maintenance, connect your people so they can work better and smarter wherever they are.

2. Innovation, enabled.

Harness the latest cutting-edge technologies and tools, and develop and apply bespoke applications to design new energy processes and solutions.

3. Customer experience, transformed.

Personalize interaction, tailor offerings and streamline your supply chain to improve service and increase trust and loyalty.

4. Decision-making, optimized.

Make faster, smarter data-driven decisions, and anticipate and respond quickly to demand to optimize revenues and minimize costs.

5. Safety and security, assured.

Closely monitor your people and environments to prevent and respond quickly to incidents, while optimizing data protection.


Cloud Wizard offers the following managed services: – 

  • Monitoring & Observability
  • Configuration, Compliance & Auditing
  • Centralized Operations Management
  • Enterprise Governance & Controls

It is recommended to let a dedicated team of professionals take charge of your cloud environment if your business is growing fast, or if managing operations will be time-consuming which is, in turn, causing performance problems.

At Cloud Wizard, we have a team of Cloud Analysts that regularly meets you for discussion over issues like cost saving, performance issues, and modernization. Our CloudOps team helps effectively diagnose problems, and fix your services and outages. 

Managed services do not consist of designing or implementation of any new infrastructure. They only work on maintenance of your pre-existing cloud infrastructure. 

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