How Has AWS Helped Customers Reinvent The Advertising & Marketing Industry?



There is a huge scale of transformation that is on the way rapidly within the industries of advertising & marketing. This transformation is fueled by requirements for data management of vast volumes as well as the importance of delivering personalized experiences and ensuring utmost security of consumer privacy. AWS (Amazon Web Services) leads this transformative phenomenon with a number of services. These assist companies in driving innovation, scaling and optimization of their operations. Organizations are able to display impressive growths in media consumption, secure collaboration, and creation of detailed views into consumer interactions. Let us take a look at how AWS contributes to reinventing the way the ad and marketing industry functions. 

What changes are marketers experiencing in today’s time? 


Unprecedented changes and transformations are taking place in advertising and marketing technology. For example, the exponential growth of media consumption is creating infrastructure challenges for businesses to handle tens of millions of requests per second at single digit milliseconds delay. It is also necessary for companies to be able to work together and cooperate on advertising and marketing platforms, while at the same time protecting consumer data and avoiding sharing them with one another.  In order to provide more meaningful experiences, retailers need to create a 360-degree view of their interactions with consumers and are required to work for months on integrating the data into various applications and channels before they can do so.

AWS for Advertising & Marketing – A Promising Initiative 


AWS for Advertising & Marketing is an initiative that features new and existing capabilities from AWS and AWS Partners used by thousands of customers globally for their advertising and marketing technology workloads. It brings together a comprehensive set of purpose-built AWS Services, AWS Solutions, and 150+ AWS Partner offerings to help customers innovate faster, operate efficiently, and interoperate together across five critical solution areas: Audience & Customer Data Management, Privacy-Enhanced Data Collaboration, Ad Intelligence & Measurement, Ad Platforms, and Digital Customer Experience. 

This new initiative simplifies the process for industry customers to select the right tools and partners in each area, helping them to accelerate their production launches and see faster time to value.

How Can AWS For Advertising & Marketing Solutions Bring A Revolution To The Industry? 


AWS is revolutionizing the advertising and marketing industry by providing robust, scalable solutions that address the challenges of data management, privacy, and real-time processing. Here’s how AWS is leaving its impact on some key sectors: – 

Audience & Customer Data Management

Companies across advertising and marketing technology must gather, process, and link together unprecedented volumes of data to create connected, relevant experiences for consumers while protecting and securing their data. AWS helps customers create a complete view of audiences and consumers to drive insights, performance, and improved experiences with a comprehensive set of purpose-built AWS Services and AWS Partner offerings. 

Privacy-Enhanced Data Collaboration

Customers want to collaborate and interoperate more effectively with their business partners while improving upon data security and consumer data protections. AWS offers purpose-built services and partner offerings to help customers to drive campaign insights and advertising attribution based on their combined datasets without revealing raw data to one another. Instead of spending weeks or months developing clean room solutions, customers can use AWS Clean Rooms to create their own clean rooms in minutes and then use built-in, privacy-enhanced controls to better protect their data during collaborations. With many companies storing data on AWS, including leading brands, media publishers, and their partners, AWS Clean Rooms now makes it easier for AWS customers to collaborate with each other without needing to move data out of AWS or load it into another platform. 

Ad Intelligence & Measurement

Exponential media growth continues to transform data science in advertising and marketing, with companies needing to invent new technologies to create audience segments, forecast inventory, predict attribution, and identify contextual signals that improve ad relevance and marketing effectiveness. Brands, media publishers, and their technology partners can leverage the broadest machine learning capabilities in the cloud including services such as Amazon SageMaker to accelerate time to market for predictive analytics workloads such as ad selection, propensity, and inventory forecasting that require scoring trillions of records cost-effectively. 

Ad Platforms

The surge in media usage and growth of streaming video continues to push the boundaries of performance for advertising platforms executing millions of ad transactions per second. AWS is the cloud standard for advertising platforms that buy, serve, and measure trillions of ads per day at single-digit millisecond latency, offering purpose-built solutions and partner offerings along with the broadest selection of compute capabilities to help companies improve performance and optimize costs. 

Digital Customer Experience

Marketing technology is evolving, with companies accelerating development of customer data platforms and machine learning to reach shoppers with the right message, on the right device, at the right time. AWS brings purpose-built services and 90+ partner offerings for digital customer experience to help companies create more meaningful interactions with their end-customers. With the largest and most dynamic partner community, AWS offers brand marketers a broad selection of ready-made partner solutions that help reduce development time for marketing technology integrations. 

Join hands with Cloud Wizard to gain access to highly efficient AWS Consulting and Services for your Advertising & Marketing firms 


Cloud Wizard, a Select Tier Services Partner with AWS, offers a range of services to help advertising and marketing firms leverage AWS technologies. With expertise in AWS solutions, Cloud Wizard provides insightful consultations and efficient AWS services to enhance operational security and excellence in your venture.

  1. Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)

    A secure, privacy-safe, cloud-based clean room solution that enables advertisers to perform analytics and build audiences across pseudonymized signals, including Amazon Ads signals and their own inputs.

  2. Amazon SageMaker

    Accelerate time to market for predictive analytics workloads such as ad selection, propensity, and inventory forecasting, requiring scoring of trillions of records cost-effectively.

  3. Amazon Rekognition

    Analyze media for contextual signals to improve personalization and reduce disruption in connected TV and video advertising using scalable computer vision technology.

  4. Amazon Pinpoint and Amazon Personalize

    Quickly build and deploy curated recommendations and intelligent user segmentation at scale using machine learning and messaging automation across various channels. 

Partner with Cloud Wizard to harness the full potential of AWS for your advertising and marketing needs, driving innovation, efficiency, and superior consumer experiences.



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