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Solutions in AWS Marketplace for nonprofit organizations Innovative cloud-based solutions to help your organization lower IT costs, manage risk, and improve efficiency.

Nonprofits are using the AWS Cloud to solve the world’s most pressing challenges

Nonprofits of all sizes are using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to increase support, expand awareness, and advance mission impact locally and globally. AWS is dedicated to a world where every person has the opportunity to live a life of dignity on a healthy planet. Whether you are working to generate donor, member, or volunteer insights through managed databases and analytics, accelerate research through machine learning and AI, optimize program delivery through scalable websites and applications, or just getting started – AWS is here to help.

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How AWS can help Nonprofits ?

1. Gain donor, member, & volunteer insights

Better understand the needs of your supporters and members by leveraging, visualizing, and analyzing data to generate actionable insights.

2. Enhance donor experiences

Enhance donor connections and fundraising outcomes through digital approaches for stewardship and donor relationship management through personalized communications, marketing automation, and chatbots.

3. Enhance member experiences

Delight members with compelling, easy-to-use digital capabilities and personalize outreach through data-driven marketing and communication.

4. Modernize and optimize IT

Enhance and secure your IT infrastructure for scalability, cost efficiency, business process continuity, and performance in the cloud.

5. Drive mission and programmatic innovation

Use cloud technology services to improve program delivery, increase impact, and affect change. Accomplish your mission and innovate as an organization more efficiently and effectively.

Grants and Programs

Drive organization-wide digital transformation by modernizing your business approach from edge to cloud.



The AWS IMAGINE Grant supports nonprofits leveraging cloud tech with funding, AWS credits, and tech assistance. New this year, the Pathfinder award offers up to $200K cash plus $100K AWS credit for innovative generative AI projects.

AWS Nonprofit Credit Program

The AWS Credit Program provides access to $1,000 in AWS Promotional Credit, enabling nonprofits to implement cloud-based solutions and meet their mission goals without upfront investment in physical infrastructure.

Amazon Research Awards

The awards program offers unrestricted funds and AWS Promotional Credits to support research at academic institutions and non-profit organizations in areas that align with our mission to advance customer-obsessed science.

AWS Disaster Responses

AWS Disaster Response allows customers to focus on mission-critical functions, while AWS deploys critical data, apps, hardware, and infrastructure based on customer requirements for operations.

Health Equity

AWS has committed $40M to harness the power of the cloud to advance health equity globally. AWS offers credits and expertise to organizations tackling health disparities in underserved communities globally.

Open Data on AWS

When data is shared on AWS, anyone can analyze it and build services on top of it using a broad range of compute and data analytics products. Sharing data in the cloud lets users spend more time on data analysis rather than acquisition.

Migration Acceleration

The AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) is a proven three-step cloud migration program based upon AWS’s vast experience migrating customers to the cloud. MAP reduces IT expenses and unburdens staff resources.


Cloud Wizard offers the following managed services: – 

  • Monitoring & Observability
  • Configuration, Compliance & Auditing
  • Centralized Operations Management
  • Enterprise Governance & Controls

It is recommended to let a dedicated team of professionals take charge of your cloud environment if your business is growing fast, or if managing operations will be time-consuming which is, in turn, causing performance problems.

At Cloud Wizard, we have a team of Cloud Analysts that regularly meets you for discussion over issues like cost saving, performance issues, and modernization. Our CloudOps team helps effectively diagnose problems, and fix your services and outages. 

Managed services do not consist of designing or implementation of any new infrastructure. They only work on maintenance of your pre-existing cloud infrastructure. 

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