AWS for Travel & Hospitality

Experience a digital transformation and achieve enhanced customer experiences and operational efficiency with AWS.

Innovate through disruption with AWS

Travel and hospitality companies have always innovated through disruption—and that is particularly true today. We’ve seen this time and again with our customers leveraging AWS to improve operational efficiencies and enhance the customer experience even when faced with a global pandemic. That’s because AWS has the most services, capabilities, and experience and fastest rate of innovation in the cloud.
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1. Save on valuable infrastructure costs

Eliminate technical debt, better link demand with IT costs, and reallocate resources to higher value projects faster.

2. Respond quickly to market dynamics

Leverage the agility that the cloud offers to adapt and adjust your operations as new events impact your business.

3. Elevate the customer experience

Build personalized, connected experiences using generative AI to enhance guest satisfaction and increase revenue.

AWS empowers travel and hospitality

Discover purpose-built travel and hospitality solutions and services from AWS.


Solution Areas

Retailing & Personalization

Increase guest engagement and sales through relevancy.

Connected Experiences

Enhance guest satisfaction through seamless omnichannel experiences.

Custom Service

Increase loyalty and revenue with best-in-class customer service.

Optimize Core Operations

Gain insights to get more out of your assets.

Optimize IT

Lower costs and complexity and increase innovation.


Optimize resource usage, and minimize environmental impact.

Experience in every segment

Companies around the world, across every segment of the travel and hospitality industry—and of every size—run their organizations on AWS. AWS has deep experience across the industry including airlines and airports; restaurants; accommodation and lodging; trains and cruise lines; travel sellers and travel management companies; and technology services and solution providers.

Accommodation and Lodging

Leading accommodation and lodging companies choose to build on AWS for the flexibility and scale needed to adjust and innovate quickly to our changing world.


Top airlines are working with AWS because of the flexibility and scalability needed to reduce costs, and to adjust and innovate quickly to new changes and business dynamics.


Airports work with AWS to drive innovation, enhance the passenger experience, and improve security.


By working with AWS, restaurant, catering and food service businesses are able to enhance customer experiences while increasing operational efficiency.

AWS FOR Travel & Hospitality

AWS for RMS: Modern revenue management in the cloud

Learn how travel and hospitality companies can optimize revenue in the cloud


Cloud Wizard offers the following managed services: – 

  • Monitoring & Observability
  • Configuration, Compliance & Auditing
  • Centralized Operations Management
  • Enterprise Governance & Controls

It is recommended to let a dedicated team of professionals take charge of your cloud environment if your business is growing fast, or if managing operations will be time-consuming which is, in turn, causing performance problems.

At Cloud Wizard, we have a team of Cloud Analysts that regularly meets you for discussion over issues like cost saving, performance issues, and modernization. Our CloudOps team helps effectively diagnose problems, and fix your services and outages. 

Managed services do not consist of designing or implementation of any new infrastructure. They only work on maintenance of your pre-existing cloud infrastructure. 

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