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Securely move your IT resources to the cloud; promote technical and operational capabilities using our unique cloud migration services and solutions.

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Don’t just move to the cloud. Transform with AWS—leveraging our unmatched experience and proven solutions to drive success at every step of your migration and modernization journey.
Customers choose AWS to help them increase agility, lower costs, and accelerate innovation.From lifting and shifting workloads to moving entire data centers, AWS provides the organizational, operational, and technical capabilities you need for a successful migration. And with the deepest set of migration and modernization services, programs, and partners that specialize in workloads such as Microsoft, SAP, VMware, Oracle, and Mainframe, you can start quickly realizing the business value of AWS.

AWS Cloud Migration

Why migrate to AWS ?

Organizations who migrated to AWS from on-premises saw, on average:

Up to 66%

Infrastructure cost savings

Up to 77%

Reduction in licenses required


Lower time to market for new features


Increase in staff focus on innovation


Fewer security-related incidents


Our Cloud Migration Services

1. Minimize Downtime

Our AWS-certified architects and engineers design and implement migration plans, identify blockers, and accelerate your adoption timeline to avoid delays and downtime.

2. Accelerate Application Deployment

Using the best-in-industry DevOps practices, our cloud migration solutions accelerate application deployment, ensuring efficiency and agility in your cloud environment.

3. Accurately Forecast Cost

We deeply analyse and test the current state of your infrastructure to prevent any over-provisioning and to also keep your project under budget.

4. Minimize Upfront Expenses

Having Cloud Wizard as your partner in your migration journey, you can say goodbye to the constraints of physical data centers and continuous maintenance costs.

5. Heightened Data Security

With avant-grade security features included in our services, we deploy automatic updates to safeguard against any possible vulnerabilities in order to ensure a secure cloud environment.

6. Migrate Efficiently

Our team excels in adept in handling tight deadlines and navigating through complex implementations. We are committed to creating an accurate timeline tailored to your project's needs, allowing you to closely monitor the progress.

7. Effective Backup and Recovery

We ensure the seamless continuity of your business operations through our advanced backup and disaster recovery techniques, all tailor-made to meet organizational needs for effective outage management.

8. Flexible & Scalable

Our approach provides you with the flexibility to choose the ideal operating system, programming language, and web application platform that aligns seamlessly with your unique requirements.

Our 3 Phased Approach

The Migration Process

The three-phase migration process is designed to help your organization approach a migration of tens, hundreds, or thousands of applications. While each phase is a common component of a successful migration, they are not discrete phases, but an iterative process. As you iterate and migrate more applications, you will be able to drive repeatability and predictability in processes and procedures, and find that the migration process accelerates. 

1. Cloud-Wellness Assessment

We perform a thorough assessment of your existing cloud environment, evaluating security postures, cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and reliability checks to identify potential pitfalls or limitations.

2. Comprehensive Cloud Migration Roadmap

For organizations new to cloud migration, we provide a customized cloud migration roadmap by analyzing the current state of infrastructure and preparing a blueprint to achieve your goals.

3. Migrate & Modernize

Swiftly migrate, upgrade, containerize, or refactor your applications, leveraging DevOps practices to implement CI/CD pipelines for seamless app and infrastructure management.

AWS Migration & Modernization Services

Assessment Services

Migration Evaluator gives you the insights that help accelerate decision-making for migration to AWS.

Use the Application Discovery Service (ADS) within Migration Hub to discover on-premises servers and databases and their behavior to plan cloud migrations

Migration Services

AWS Application Migration Service (MGN) simplifies and expedites your AWS migration by automatically converting your physical, virtual, or cloud servers to run natively on AWS.

The central location to collect server and application inventory data for the assessment, planning, and tracking of migrations to AWS.

AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) helps you move your databases and analytics workloads to AWS quickly and securely.

Modernization Services

Migration Hub Refactor Spaces is the starting point for incremental application refactoring in AWS.
AWS Mainframe Modernization helps you modernize your mainframe applications to AWS.

Data Transfer Services

AWS DataSync simplifies and accelerates data migration to AWS
AWS Transfer Family securely scales your recurring business-to-business file transfers to AWS Storage services using SFTP, FTPS, FTP, and AS2 protocols.
AWS Snow Family helps you to process data at the edge or move petabytes of data to and from AWS

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