Start Your Migration Journey

We specialize in securely migrating businesses’ IT resources to the cloud, nurturing organizational, technical, and operational capabilities through our expert cloud consulting services

Start Your Migration Journey

We specialize in securely migrating businesses’ IT resources to the cloud, nurturing organizational, technical, and operational capabilities through our expert cloud consulting services.

What are Cloud Migration Services and Solutions?

Cloudwizard AWS migration services enable you to securely and timely move data, web and mobile applications, and other various forms of documents and files from any traditional on-premise server to any cloud computing environment supported by major cloud OEMs regardless of the requirement of public, private or hybrid environments.

Cloud environment is ideally chosen by businesses ranging from startups to enterprises due to the massive advantages it can bring in terms of cost, agility, scalability, performance, and various other parameters, including the possibility to continuously evolve based on the needs of business inclusive of support for legacy applications.

Migrate Your Workloads Seamlessly and Efficiently with Our Cloud Migration Consulting Services and Solutions

Do you have a critical requirement to migrate all IT workloads to the cloud and are in search of the right partner for this cloud journey? With our strong pool of cloud consultancy experts, we make your cloud adoption journey hassle-free with a state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure that enables application deployment and scalability from anywhere, anytime.

Cloud Wizard specializes in providing Cloud Migration Consulting Services

Eliminate expenses on physical infrastructure

With our cloud migration & Consulting services, you can do away with the dependency on physical data centers that consume organizational space and the continuous maintenance costs.

Enhanced Security

Our Cloud Consulting Services empower your organization to implement security features by deploying automatic security updates to keep them safe from vulnerabilities.

Flexible & Scalable

We enable your organization to choose various computing environments like the operating system, programming language, web application platform as per your specific needs. The virtual environment we provide eases the entire migration process.

Accelerate Application Deployment

With our cloud migration solutions, we aid accelerate the application deployment through best-in industry DevOps practices which is an integral part of all our consulting services.

Effective Backup and Recovery Services

Your organizational needs to handle outages effectively are addressed by embracing our cloud migration consulting services. We ensure any natural calamities or accidents will not disrupt your data with efficient backup and disaster recovery techniques.

Simplified IT Management and Enhanced Performance

With our Cloud Migration services you can experience Simplified IT and improved performance with reduced costs by ensuring easier access to compute and storage resources as per the changing demands of the customers.

Our 6 Steps of Successful Cloud Migration and Associated Costs and Time

Discovery & Strategy
Let us assess the requirement and devise a migration strategy
Proof of Concept
We do a sample migration for you to check and understand
Data Migration
Migrating your data to the Cloud servers
Application Migration
Migration of your applications to the Cloud
Cloud Transition
Completion, verification, and finalization of cloud adoption
Run & Optimize
We run and monitor the infrastructure for you and give suggestions on 360-degree cloud optimization

Common problems faced by Businesses while Migrating to Cloud?

  1. Visibility of Existing Infrastructure – Many business decision-makers lack visibility to their infrastructure and accumulate incurring costs by paying for resources they are not using or can be optimized. A proper planning session can remediate such adverse scenarios.

  2. Planning a framework– Right services at the right timing and in the right place is a puzzle game any dedicated infrastructure team has to conquer.

  3. Cost and Performance Optimization – The addition of avoidable resources, not adopting open source and free license offerings, unfixed vulnerabilities, and choice of excess resource allocation can be overwhelming.

  4. Disaster Recovery and Backup setup – Creating a proper backup cycle, standard SOPs on disaster recovery, timely data swaps, and automated alerts.

  5. Security Setup– Audit requirements and setup, setting up real-time alerts, prevention procedures, auxiliary services, threat and vulnerability detection, and resolution usually requires a specialized management team or needs to be partnered with a reliable security agency.

  6. Auxiliary Service Adoption– Scaling the business will require specialized security, cost optimization, data analytics, IoT, RPA, and other services to extend the functionality of the infrastructure. Finding the right service can only be determined by specialists having multi-front experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are AWS Migration services?

AWS migration services are a set of tools and resources provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to assist businesses in migrating their applications, databases, and infrastructure to the AWS cloud platform. These services help with database migration, server migration, application discovery, tracking migration progress, and transferring large amounts of data to AWS.

What is the preferred tool for performing cloud migration?

The choice of a preferred tool for performing cloud migration can vary depending on the specific requirements and circumstances of the migration project. but popular options include AWS Server Migration Service (SMS), Azure Migrate, Google Cloud Migrate, CloudEndure Migration, and VMware Cloud on AWS.

How do I start with Cloud as a new business?

If you are a new business, we recommend you to go with our free cloud consultation services, where we will explain the feasibility of various OEMs and other partnered solutions to supplement them. Cloud Wizard assists businesses in moving from on-premise servers or lifting and shifting from existing cloud servers. If you are an existing cloud user, go with our free KYA and Framework analysis service to understand where the tech landscape can be improved. 

Is Cloud Wizard able to service all cloud OEMs like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.?

Yes. Cloud Wizard helps migrate and manage the tech landscape to the most optimal environment possible. 

Does Cloud Wizard provide Cloud Optimization Services? I want to do cost optimization/reduction.

Yes. Cloud Wizard facilitates cloud optimization in the following areas:
Cost Optimization & Reduction | Security enhancement | Performance improvement | Scalability | Disaster Recovery with single or multi-cloud | Visibility improvement | Compliances visibility | Agility 

What can Cloud Wizard do to help businesses adopt the cloud that other providers can’t do? Why should I go with Cloud Wizard?

Cloud Wizard partner circle can leverage to provide the best cloud solution possible. Customer benefits include free cloud credits, a direct advisory from cloud OEMs, partners, and other ISVs, and our experience with various industry verticals, which helps faster GTM with minimal service interruption. We are the 2021 Cloud Consulting partner & 2022 Migration Success Partner, which stands tall as a testimony to our relationship with customers and partners. 

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AWS Bundles – Active Directory Bundle

  • Simplify your Active Directory integration with our pre-packaged AWS resources.
  • It’s a combination package of EC2 pre-installed with Microsoft Active Directory and Domain Controllers.
  • You can either choose to install the Active Directory alone or add the Domain Controller together. The Roles and Services are configured and installed.
  • It is a One-size fits all bundle for most SMB spaces when it comes to Active Directory Deployment.
  • In terms of security, the VM is pre-configured with host-based firewall to allow RDP.
  • When to use this bundle?
  • A new Active Directory Setup in AWS
  • Extending your AD infrastructure into AWS
  • Adding additional Domain Controllers in AD
  • Price starting from USD57/month

Bundle Overview

  • 1 x Virtual Machine (Windows/Ubuntu)
  • You can choose from 3 database server sizes: (Small: 2vCPU’s, 4GB RAM, 50GB / Medium: 2vCPU’s, 8GB RAM, 50GB / Large: 4vCPU’s, 16GB RAM, 50GB.)
  • Pre-configured host-based firewall to allow RDP
  • Deployable in existing networks in AWS or new networks (Network Bundle)
  • ADDS roles and services configured and installed
  • Automatically joined to your AD Domain

AWS Bundles – Web Hosting Bundle

  • Quickly deploy and manage your web applications with our pre-packaged AWS resources.
  • This bundle is designed for new customers just starting their journey on AWS and customers migrating a Windows-based web application to AWS. It is suitable for any workloads that require an application server and MySQL database server.
  • The bundle is pre-configured with subnets, web server and a database in Multi-AZ environment with routing and preconfigured host firewalls.
  • Price starting from USD1,666/month

Bundle Overview

  • 2 x Public Subnet
  • 2 x Private Subnets with no exposure to the internet
  • 1 x Windows WebApp Server
  • 1 x RDS MS SQL
  • 3 available sizes:
    • Small, 2 vCPUs, 4GB RAM,40GB EBS, 2 vCPUs, 8GB RAM, 40GB EBS 
    • Medium, 2 vCPUs, 8GB RAM,80GB EBS, 4 vCPUs, 16GB RAM,80GB EBS 
    • Large, 4 vCPUs, 16GB RAM,120GB EBS, 8 vCPUs, 32GB RAM,120GB EBS
  • Multi-AZ Deployment
  • Preconfigured routing and security group for web server and database

AWS Bundles – Secure Storage Bundle

  • Safeguard your data with our secure storage solution.
  • This One-size-fits all bundle enables you and your customer to build a secured storage environment in AWS.
  • Your AWS S3 will be added with additional securities encompassing storage security such as data loss prevention, scanning malware or malicious files uploaded or backed up in your Cloud storage.
  • It employs AWS’s native security features plus the Cloud market’s best security solutions to make the storage impregnable.
  • When to use this bundle …
    • New Customers Migrating to AWS
    • Storage Offload from on-premise to AWS
    • Application Modernisation

  • Price starting from USD25/month

Bundle Overview

  • 1 x S3 Bucket
  • You can choose from 3 sizes: (Small: 50GB / Medium: 100GB / Large: 150GB)
  • Deployable in existing networks in AWS or new networks (Network Bundle)

AWS Bundles – AWS WAF Bundle

  • Protect your applications with our pre-packaged AWS WAF solution.
  • This bundle is designed for…
    • A new customer just starting its journey on AWS and is building a web application
    • A customer is migrating a web application to AWS
    • A customer has a workload on AWS (ELB/API Gateway/CloudFront) that they want to secure from web-based attacks.
  • It protects against common application attacks such as XSS attacks, Bots and DDoS, SQL injection, and unwanted malicious traffics. Workloads such as ELB, API Gateway, and CloudFront will be secured with one-click bundle installation.
  • Price starting from USD5/month

Bundle Overview

  • Protection against common application vulnerabilities or other unwanted traffic
  • Protection from malicious traffic that increases resource consumption
  • Protection from XSS attacks.
  • (Optional) Protection from bots and DDoS attacks.
  • (Optional) Protection from SQL Injection attacks
  • Protection from PHP/WordPress attacks
  • Centralised WAF logging and monitoring

AWS Bundle – Network Bundle

  • Set up your network infrastructure easily and securely with our pre-packaged AWS resources.
  • This bundle is designed for the new customer just starting their journey on AWS2 and any new workloads that require their own network.
  • Bolster Your Security Posture
  • The VM is a pre-configured Routing and host-based firewall to allow RDP. The bundle is also pre-configured with host firewalls for web servers and databases.
  • Price starting from USD135/month

Bundle Overview

  • 2 x Public subnets in 2 Data Centers
  • 2 x Private Subnets behind a Router with NAT Capabilities
  • 2 x Private Subnets with no exposure to the internet
  • 1 x Bastion Subnet
  • 1 x Bastion Host/Jump Server
  • Preconfigured Routing
  • Preconfigured host firewalls for web servers and databases
  • Architectural Best Practices included

AWS Bundles – Database Bundle

  • Deploy and easily manage your databases using our pre-packaged AWS resources.
  • This bundle installs the managed database of your choice (MySQL, MSSQL, PostresSQL, Maria) and is easy to deploy on existing networks or new networks
  • Standardised way to deploy databases in AWS
  • The VM is pre-configured with host-based firewall to allow a secured connection to the database.
  • Price starting from USD200/month

Bundle Overview

  • 1 x Managed Database Server (MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Maria)
  • You can choose from 3 database server sizes: (Small: 2vCPU’s, 4GB RAM, 50GB / Medium: 2vCPU’s, 8GB RAM, 50GB / Large: 2vCPU’s, 16GB RAM, 50GB
  • Pre-configured host based firewall to allow connection on the database
  • Deployable in existing networks in AWS or new networks (Network Bundle)

AWS Bundles – Virtual Machines Bundle

  • Quickly deploy virtual machines with our easy-to-use automation templates for your computing needs
  • Virtual Machines bundle deploys either Windows or Ubuntu Virtual Machines in AWS environment with sizes of your choice.
  • This is a barebone Virtual machine, and the server placement depends on your need – it can be in a Public subnet if you want your server exposed to the internet or a Private subnet if you are using VMs that do not require internet exposure, such as databases.
  • Price starting from USD50/month

Bundle Overview

  • 1 x Virtual Machine (Windows/Ubuntu)
  • You can choose from 3 sizes: (Small: 2vCPU’s, 4GB RAM, 50GB / Medium: 2vCPU’s, 8GB RAM, 50GB / Large: 2vCPU’s, 16GB RAM, 50GB)
  • Pre-configured host based firewall to allow RDP
  • Deployable in existing networks in AWS or new networks (Network Bundle)