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AWS Training

Keep pace with Evolving Trends, Scale quickly or Optimize Business growth

As Amazon Web Services (AWS) certified experts, AWS Training Partners (ATPs) are ready to help teams of all sizes gain the cloud knowledge they need to tackle complex business challenges and power innovation.

Training can be customized to fit the schedules, skill levels, and goals of your various team members. It’s time to fully optimize your investment in the AWS Cloud.

Fundamental Level

AWS Cloud Training Course

AWS Cloud Practitioner

This course is designed for individuals with little to no experience on the AWS Cloud. The learners will learn about AWS Cloud concepts, AWS services such as Security, AWS Architecture, Pricing and Support to develop their knowledge on the AWS Cloud.

AWS Cloud Training Course

AWS Cloud for Finance Professionals

This course is aimed at enterprise level financial stakeholders who need to learn to manage, optimize and plan the organization’s cloud spend. The learners will learn to be more accountable and price conscious from an expert AWS Instructor.
AWS Cloud Training Course

AWS Technical Essentials

This introductory course is designed to teach about AWS products, services and common solutions. The learners will learn the basics of identifying appropriate AWS services so that they can make conscious decisions based on the business requirements.
AWS Cloud Training Course

AWS Security Essentials

This fundamental course covers basic security concepts of the AWS Cloud including AWS access control, methods of data encryption and securing network access to your AWS infrastructure.

AWS Cloud Training Course

Practical Data Science with Amazon SageMaker

Learn how data scientists are developing solutions on the AWS Cloud with Amazon SageMaker. Learn how to develop, train and deploy ML models working with an Amazon Authorized Instructor

Associate Level

AWS Cloud Training Course

Amazon SageMaker Studio for Data Scientists

This course helps experienced data scientists build, train, and deploy ML models for any use case with fully managed infrastructure, tools, and workflows to reduce training time from hours to minutes with optimized infrastructure and at the end of the course, Learn end-to-end tabular data ML project using SageMaker Studio
AWS Cloud Training Course

Architecting on AWS

The course, through a series of real life scenarios and hands-on learning, teaches to identify services and features required to build secure and highly available IT solutions in the AWS Cloud. You will learn to identify basic practices of AWS Architecture, learn the process of designing optimal IT solutions using the AWS Well-Architected framework.

AWS Cloud Training Course
Developing on AWS
This course is for developers who want to learn to interact with AWS services to build web applications. The learner will go through a high-level architectural discussion on how to select resources and use the AWS Software Development Kits (AWS SDKs) and Command line interface (AWS CLI) to build and deploy cloud applications.

AWS Cloud Training Course

Cloud Operations on AWS

The course teaches System Administrators, Software Engineers and anyone else who manages every-day operations in the AWS Cloud, how to – Install, configure, automate, secure, maintain and debug services, networks and systems that are necessary to support the business applications.

AWS Cloud Training Course

AWS Cloud Financial Management for Builders

This course is for learners who are eager to understand how to manage, optimize and estimate costs of AWS workloads. The learners will learn how to implement Architectural best practices, optimize costs and design patterns to architect cost-efficient solutions on the AWS Cloud.
AWS Cloud Training Course
Migrating to AWS
This course is designed for individuals who wish to learn about how to plan and migrate the existing workloads to the AWS Cloud. You will learn about the different cloud migration strategies and how to apply each step of the migration process.

AWS Cloud Training Course

Running Containers on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service

This three day course is focused on learning container management and orchestration for Kubernetes using Amazon EKS. You will learn how to build Amazon EKS cluster, configure the environment, deploy and add applications to the cluster.

Professional Level

AWS Cloud Training Course

Advanced Architecting on AWS

This three day course goes beyond basic cloud infrastructure and covers areas that meet various needs of AWS customers. The course modules are focused on managing multiple AWS accounts, hybrid connectivity, AWS Transit Gateway connectivity, container services, automation tools.
AWS Cloud Training Course

Advanced Developing on AWS

This course is focused around analyzing a monolithic application and determining logical break points where the application can be broken down across various AWS services. You will learn advanced development techniques to deconstruct on-premise legacy applications.
AWS Cloud Training Course

DevOps Engineering on AWS

You will learn how to use a combination of DevOps best practices and tools to support your organization’s capability to develop, deliver and maintain applications and services at a high velocity on the AWS cloud.

Speciality Level

AWS Cloud Training Course

Building Batch Data Analytics Solutions on AWS

You will develop batch data analytics solutions in this course utilizing Amazon EMR; an enterprise-grade managed service for Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop. You will see how Amazon EMR works with AWS services like AWS Glue and AWS Lake Formation, as well as with open-source initiatives like Apache Hive
AWS Cloud Training Course

Building Data Analytics Solutions Using Amazon Redshift

You will create a data analytics solution in this course utilizing the cloud data warehouse provider Amazon Redshift. The course focuses on the parts of the analytics pipeline that deal with data collection, ingestion, cataloging, storage, and processing.

AWS Cloud Training Course

Building Data Lakes on AWS

In this course you will learn how to build an operational data lake which supports analysis of both structured and unstructured data. You will get to learn the parts and the functionality of the services that are involved in the creation of a data lake.

AWS Cloud Training Course

Data Warehousing on AWS

You will be introduced to concepts, strategies and best practices for designing cloud-based data warehousing solutions using Amazon RedShift. The course also teaches you how to collect, store and analyze data for the data warehouse by using AWS services.

AWS Cloud Training Course

Security Engineering on AWS

Cloud security is a big concern for customers looking to adopt the cloud. There has been a steady increase in cyber attacks and data breaches are top concerns for security teams. This course addresses these concerns by teaching you how to interact and build with AWS cloud in a very secure way.
AWS Cloud Training Course

Planning and Designing Databases on AWS

Both relational and non-relational databases’ planning and design processes will be covered in this Planning and designing Databases on AWS course. You will learn about design factors for databases hosted on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (AmazonEC2).

AWS Cloud Training Course

Building Streaming Data Analytics Solutions on AWS

In this course, you will learn to build streaming data analytics solutions using AWS services, includingAmazon Kinesis and Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka . The course addresses the streaming data ingestion, stream storage, & stream processing components of the data analytics pipeline.
AWS Cloud Training Course

MLOps Engineering on AWS

This course builds on and extends the DevOps methodology used in software development to build, train and deploy machine learning (ML) models. In this three days course you will learn about the four-level MLOps maturity framework.

AWS Cloud Training Course

The Machine Learning Pipeline on AWS

The course explores the usage of the iterative Machine Learning (ML) pipeline to solve real-world business problems in a project-based environment. You will learn about each phase of the pipeline from an experienced AWS instructor via live presentations and demonstrations.

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