AWS Cloud Optimization

Optimize your AWS Cloud spend and maintain performance

Accelerate your Cost Optimization journey

Cost Optimization is an important area within the AWS Well-Architected framework. It oversees and fine-tunes your expenditures, covering details of usage analytics and providing opportunities to streamline costs. In resource management, factors such as performance, security, and reliability are integral partners. As you start to navigate the AWS Cloud, using and implementing diverse AWS services and transitioning workloads.

Strategies for optimization often revolve around managing EC2 expenses – be it transitioning from on-demand pricing to the cost-efficient realm of spot instances or reserved instances. Introducing savings plans adds another layer of sophistication, strategically curbing costs across your Amazon account.

As an AWS Services Partner, we stand at the forefront, offering bespoke cloud cost optimization services steeped in FinOps, cloud cost management, and modernization

AWS Cost Optimization

Maximize Potential of Your AWS Investment

Transform your AWS ecosystem into a scalable and much more vast infrastructure that optimized both finances operational efficiencies.

Continuous Cost Optimization

Cost optimization transcends mere reduction of the AWS bill; it's a symphony of aligning costs with evolving business objectives. Our partnership unfolds as a journey of continuous monitoring, engagement, and consultative services that adapt to the dynamic landscape of your cost optimization needs.

Tailored Procurement Strategies

Unlock the scale of AWS with a wide range of customizable purchase options greatly curated for domain-wide workloads. As your usage scales, revel in volume discounts, and commit to Savings Plans or Reserved Instances. Dive into the realm of fault-tolerant workloads with Amazon EC2 Spot Instances, reaping discounts of up to 90%.

Resource Utilization Efficiency​

Work around the minutest of details of resource usage with ease and expertise. Idealise your workloads by identifying the right scenario of family and size. Eliminate unutilized resources to avert waste. Choose data storage and transfer options in harmony with access needs. Our cost optimization recommendations are tailored to your unique configuration, resource utilization, and performance benchmarks.

Elasticity for Variable Demand​

Work with elasticity around automated resource provisioning that perfectly aligns with the ebb and flow of your business demands. Enhance performance and reliability by dynamically scaling across multiple instances and Availability Zones, scaling back during reduced demand. Cultivate an agile, modular architecture enriched with microservices technology.

Navigating FinOps Expertise​

Be a part of a journey that transforms. We have an expert team of Cloud Analysts, offering personalized FinOps support, anytime you need. Uncover actionable recommendations that empower informed decisions in orchestrating your AWS performance and expenditure. Craft savings strategies with adept handling of Reserved Instances (RIs) and Savings Plans (SPs).

Agile Responses to Change

With the changing times and market scenarios comes the demand for foresightedness. Improper responses can cause a toll over substantial costs and hampes your business’s continuity. Our expertise is your ally in predicting, anticipating, planning, and seamlessly responding to real-time shifts, ensuring a smart and cost-effective trajectory.

A Strategic Checklist

AWS resource management

Get your cost optimization process in place with this comprehensive checklist designed to demystify AWS resource expenditures. Uncover the steps to operational efficiency and financial effectiveness.

Control Costs with Care

1. Always start a financial command by curating a well-thought and designed budget plan to navigate AWS resource spending.

2. Track and get insights into your what your expenditure patterns look like through the Cost and Usage Report in the AWS Console.

3. Optimally use the wisdom of AWS Trusted Advisor to get cost estimates and identify all your unused resources.

Optimize Compute Instances

1. Choose all the instances on EC2 or alternative services tailor-made to meet your specific requirements and needs.

2. Secure all your substantial savings by investing in reserved instances for a wise timeframe; avoid retaining all instances longer than necessary duration.

3. Embrace the power of technological advancements by opting for the latest instance types, which are known for elevated efficiency and superior performance at a much lower cost.

4. Thoughtfully allocate your workloads between reserved and on-demand instances based on the nature of each type of workload. Upgrade the cost-effectiveness by considering spot instances for all the workloads with lower reliability requirements.

5. Incorporate intelligent scheduling of instances to make sure they operate only during needed hours, effortlessly achieved through tools like AWS Instance Scheduler.

Otimize Storage and Resources with Finesse

1. Make sure to safeguard against orphaned EBS volumes by activating the "Delete on Termination" checkbox during your EC2 instance creation.

2. Streamline all your data storage strategy by trying to maintain EBS snapshots for a limited period, while systematically replacing old ones.

3. Delete unneeded resources such as database volumes and idle Elastic IPs to omit out unnecessary costs.

4. Enhance data storage efficiency by storing production files in S3, while seamlessly transitioning between storage tiers based on activity or dynamically utilizing S3 Smart Tiering.

5. Aim for seldom-accessed data in S3 Glacier, make sure of optimal resource allocation, and safeguard long-term archived data in Glacier Deep Archive.

Uncover Financial Mastery​

Start a journey towards financial empowerment with Cloud Wizard’s industry-relevant Financial Engineering Programs. Elevate and enhance your AWS cost optimization strategy with these cautiously crafted programs designed to unveil substantial savings on your AWS bill.

1. AWS Private Pricing Agreement (PPA)​

The individualized nature of PPAs demands expertise and Cloud Wizard's team of AWS cloud and cost optimization experts helps you understand, optimize, negotiate, and execute the right PPA for your unique needs. Structured For businesses heavily reliant on a single service, like Amazon CloudFront, Private Pricing Agreements unlock significant discounts.

2. Instant Discount Program (IDP)​

Experience immediate and guaranteed savings on your monthly AWS bill without having the burden of a long-term commitment through Cloud Wizard's IDP. Clubbed well with our managed services, IDP extends beyond instant savings, offering comprehensive assistance in navigating cost optimization and governance challenges.

3. AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP)​

Navigating the complexities of EDP structures requires precision and we at Cloud Wizard, with our expert knowledge and proven negotiation prowess, guides you through the process. Tailor-made for businesses committed to long-term growth, the AWS EDP offers substantial savings over time.

4. Reserved Instance Optimization (RIO) Program​

Curating a tailored strategy that blends historical spending analysis, aligning seamlessly with your business goals and growth trajectory. Cloud Wizard's RIO Program takes charge of purchasing and managing Reserved Instances (RIs) and Savings Plans (SPs) on your behalf, uncovering all the hidden savings that you did not even know about. With us, experience the freedom of no contractual commitments, upfront capital investments, or risks.

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