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Benefits of AWS Training & Certification

Optimize Productivity

Your teams can acquire vital cloud skills to streamline operations, enhance your organization’s security posture, and improve cost savings.

Increase Business Agility

Cloud-skilled employees are better prepared to think strategically, so your business can respond quickly.

Enhance Cloud Fluency

Upskilling your team can help eliminate the cloud skills gap and fill up 20 to 30 percent of critical skill roles internally.1

Recruit & Retain Skilled Talent

Providing training shows a commitment to employee growth, increasing retention and faster onboarding.

AWS Cloud Service

AWS For Small Business

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leading cloud service provider and a subsidiary of It offers a wide range of cloud computing services, including Storage, Serverless Computing, Database management, Artificial intelligence and more. AWS has gained significant popularity among businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises, due to its extensive features, scalability, and robust security measures.

When evaluating AWS as a cloud service provider, its security features play a crucial role. AWS has implemented a multi-layered security strategy that addresses various aspects of data protection, access control, and infrastructure security.

AWS for Small Business

AWS Cloud Service

AWS Well-Architected Review

By building and operating workloads incorporating the AWS Well-Architected Framework security pillar best practices, you can ensure your architectures protect your data and systems, control access, and respond automatically to security events.

Benefits of getting the AWS Well-Architected Review:
Free risk assessment with an AWS Well-Architected Framework expert who can guide your through the review process

  • Qualifying risk remediation services may earn you $5,000 in AWS service credits
  • Improve the security of your AWS workloads by applying AWS best practices
AWS Well-Architected Review

AWS Cloud Service

AWS Cloud Migration

Cloud Wizard stands as your trusted partner for AWS cloud migration. Be it transitioning from non-AWS cloud platforms, on-premises data centers, or PaaS providers like Rackspace and Heroku, we have in stock, a wide range of services, including full infrastructure refactors and specialty cloud migrations such as Microsoft workloads and database migrations.

Count on us as your trusted guide through the Cloud Migration process. We are sure to accurately forecast your Total Cost of Ownership, design an optimal AWS architecture, and ensure you experience minimal interruptions or downtime.

AWS Cloud Migration

AWS Cloud Service

AWS Cost Optimization

Cost Optimization is an important area within the AWS Well-Architected framework. It oversees and fine-tunes your expenditures, covering details of usage analytics and providing opportunities to streamline costs. In resource management, factors such as performance, security, and reliability are integral partners. As you start to navigate the AWS Cloud, using and implementing diverse AWS services and transitioning workloads.

Strategies for optimization often revolve around managing EC2 expenses – be it transitioning from on-demand pricing to the cost-efficient realm of spot instances or reserved instances. Introducing savings plans adds another layer of sophistication, strategically curbing costs across your Amazon account.

AWS Cost Optimization

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