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Powered by unprecedented advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and
machine learning (ML), generative AI is transforming how forward
thinking organizations do business, accelerating efficiency and driving
continuous innovation. A growing number of AI use cases are being
leveraged to accelerate that innovation, enhance customer experiences,
advance productivity, boost creativity and content generation.

A critical part of gaining operational value from generative AI and ML is
building highly relevant, practical skills. Emerging generative AI and ML
use cases can unlock value across all your departments, including
marketing, finance, and customer service. Realize value faster by
empowering both technical and non-technical team members to
understand the relevant languages and capabilities.

Cloud Computing AI

75% of organizations plan to adopt big data, cloud computing, and AI in the next 5 years

Applying Generative AI

From chatbots and virtual assistants to intelligent contact centers, personalization, and content moderation, the era of generative AI–enabled tools and application releases has the potential to transform outcomes across many core industries. Here are a few examples:

Healthcare & Life sciences

• Accelerate drug discovery
• Design novel protein and synthetic gene sequences
• Create synthetic patient data

Media & entertainment

• Accelerate content creation
• Enhance music compositions
• Introduce new gaming possibilities

Financial services

• Improve client experiences
• Enhance knowledge-worker efficiency
• Analyze market sentiment
• Innovate and automate


• Summarize texts
• Automate testing and grading
• Personalize and invent learning experiences

Automotive & manufacturing

• Improve part design
• Develop new in-vehicle experiences
• Automate testing and maintenance

Train with the best

AI and ML on AWS Courses

Cloud Wizard is trusted by AWS to offer, deliver, and/or resell official AWS Training, including classroom and digital courses authored by AWS. As an AWS Training Partner, we continually meet or exceed rigorous criteria to maintain our status. Based on your needs, we can offer a mix of digital and classroom training solutions, including private deliveries from an AWS Authorized Instructor for your team. As your team’s needs and technologies evolve over time, we’ll continue to offer you the latest AWS Training.

Free Foundational training

Generative AI for Executives

Foundational | 1.5 hours

Introduction to Prompt Engineering

Foundational | 1 hour

Machine Learning Basics

Foundational | 1.5 hours


Classroom training

MLOps Engineering on AWS

Intermediate | 3 days

Practical Data Science with Amazon SageMaker

Intermediate | 1 days

The Machine Learning Pipeline on AWS

Intermediate | 4 days

Amazon SageMaker Studio for Data Scientists

Intermediate | 3 days

Upskill at Scale

Available from Cloud Wizard, AWS Skill Builder offers 100+ self-paced, digital trainings on AI /ML, including generative AI. Build practical skills in an AWS Console environment with self-paced labs, role-based gamified learning, and Jam challenges.

“We emphasize nurturing talent and refining machine learning and generative AI skills, showcased through AWS Certifications. AWS Training, involving live workshops and on demand learning via AWS Skill Builder, has been pivotal in advancing our expertise and elevating our unique value proposition in generative AI on AWS.”
Ben Rogers
Talent Success Manager and Head of QA

Validate your team’s growing Generative AI and Machine Learning expertise

AWS Certifications are industry recognized
Build your team’s generative AI skills and boost their credibility with relevant AWS Certifications.

Leaders consistently state that investing in their team’s professional development and
encouraging individual team members to earn certifications helps to retain skilled talent. Certification gives employers the assurance that certified employees have attained validated skills that adhere to the latest best practices.

AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty
This certification validates expertise in building, training, tuning, and deploying ML models on AWS. Individuals in development or data science roles with more than one year of experience developing, architecting, or running ML workloads in the AWS Cloud would be ideal candidates to earn this certification.

AWS Certification exam prep
Cloud Wizard offers training courses and resources to prepare your team to take the AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty exam. Preparation materials include an exam readiness training course, the exam guide, sample questions, whitepapers, and FAQs.

AWS Skill Builder Subscription

AWS Skill Builder, engages learners of all skill levels to build cloud skills their way and at their own pace. With 600+ digital courses, curated learning plans, hands-on labs, and immersive learning experiences, AWS Training is helping thousands of customers realize their AI initiatives today to future-proof for tomorrow.

As demand for cloud and generative AI expertise grows, professionals are seeking greater access to flexible training that works best for their unique needs.


Assign training, track and monitor progress with reporting from Administrator Dashboard


Grow team collaboration and expertise with AWS Jam events


Leverage competition to drive training engagement with AWS Cloud Quest Tournaments


Provide customized learning paths to accelerate onboarding and productivity

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