Introduction to Generative AI Essentials for Business and Technical Decision Makers

Data Strategy

Event Description

Gain an understanding of Generative AI and how it can address concerns and challenges, and supports business growth. Learn the steps for planning a generative AI project and the key considerations for building a generative AI-ready organization.

Key Topics Covered

  • Describe the basics of generative AI and use cases
  • Describe importance of generative AI
  • Identify the risks and benefits of generative AI
  • Describe how to plan a generative AI project
  • Describe how to build a generative AI-read organization

Intended Audience

  • Business decision makers

Get Excited to move

Event Outline:



  • Business value of a modern data strategy
  • Challenges
  • Use cases
  • Traditional vs. cloud
  • Modern data strategy on AWS



  • Relational databases
  • Purpose-built databases



  • Data lakes with Amazon S3
  • Lake house approach on AWS
  • Purpose-built data services
  • Breaking down data silos
  • Unified governance



  • Machine learning (ML) services
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) services
  • Data stores, data lakes, and BI tools with built-in ML


Next Steps

  • Resources to continue learning

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F Hristovski

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Attending AWS Discovery Day was a game-changer! I gained invaluable insights into cloud computing and AWS services, empowering me to streamline operations and enhance scalability for my business. The hands-on experience and expert guidance were truly transformative.


Eren Hill

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AWS Discovery Day demystified cloud technology for me. I learned practical strategies to optimize resources and boost efficiency within my organization. Implementing AWS solutions has elevated our performance and positioned us for future growth. Thank you for such an enlightening experience!

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Emanuel Sadler

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AWS Discovery Day exceeded my expectations! From understanding basic concepts to exploring advanced functionalities, the workshop offered a comprehensive overview of AWS. I left feeling confident in leveraging cloud services to drive innovation and maximize productivity. It’s a must-attend for anyone seeking digital transformation!

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