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AWS Skill builder team subscription

With the rise of cloud computing in the realm of business, it is highly important for professionals to keep up with the process of upskilling and keeping their abilities up to date with the latest technologies in the market. Skill development is an important facet to be taken care of at organizations looking forward to staying ahead of their competition. How would it be possible to have good skill development for multiple employees in a company? Finding the right learning platform would be a good start. 

This is precisely where Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides their Skill Builder platform, which offers brilliant solutions for teams and even individuals to enhance their expertise in cloud. Let us take a look at what it is and how exactly it helps the cause of upskilling for teams of professionals. 

Learn Cloud Via The Digital Training Platform Of AWS Skill Builder


AWS is one of the top vendors providing sophisticated digital platforms for learning cloud concepts across various roles and levels. The AWS Skill Builder is the go-to place for aspiring cloud enthusiasts to try their hand at the 600+ free courses, hands-on practice in AWS Management Console sandbox, AWS Certification Practice Exams and some game-based learning which is quite fun and memorable. It is easily accessible from anywhere with a good internet connection and a computer system.

The AWS skill builder platform consists of a number of elements that enable aspirants to develop their know-how in cloud computing easily. These are: –

  • Courses by cloud role: Get personalized learning recommendations based on the role you’re aiming for in the cloud world. You’ll find digital courses, role-based learning plans, and interactive training to help you level up your skills.

  • Courses by product domain: Delve deep into specific areas of AWS services and solutions with focused courses designed to boost your knowledge and expertise.

  • Management Console Sandbox: Practice using AWS tools in a safe, no-cost environment. You’ll get access to over 1,000 labs to build, test, and improve your skills. Plus, dive into game-based learning and other cool platforms to tackle real-world challenges and become an AWS pro.

Explore how these features help you grasp important cloud concepts and check out the two subscription options – Individual and Team – to pick the one that suits your learning style best

5 Ways In Which Your Team Can Benefit From The AWS Skill Builder – Team Subscription 


Now that you know what the AWS Skill Builder is all about, it is time you know how you can get a subscription for it. AWS provides two different subscription modes for this platform – the Individual Subscription and the Team Subscription.

In addition to 600+ digital courses and learning plans, an Individual subscription offers access to the following: – 

  • AWS Builder Labs for hands-on learning
  • Enhanced exam prep courses, including AWS Certification Official Practice Exams
  • Additional practice materials and role-based games
  • Jam challenges to enhance learning experience

While the Team subscription offers everything an individual subscription offers along with: – 

  • Ability to assign team and individual training
  • Administrator Dashboard for easy management
  • Comprehensive reporting for tracking progress
  • AWS Jam Events for collaborative learning
  • Single Sign-On (optional) for seamless access

The AWS Skill Builder – Team subscription is extremely beneficial if you wish to upskill your employees and bring greater productivity and efficiency to your organization when it comes to cloud computing. Here are a handful of them: – 

  1. Learn from Authorized Amazon Instructors with AWS Digital Classroom

Access a wide range of expert-led videos, labs, demos, and assessments to deepen your team’s understanding of critical topics. Enjoy the same quality content as classroom training, but with the flexibility of digital learning.

  1. Become employment-ready with AWS Certification Exam Prep

Prepare your team for AWS Certification exams with official practice question sets, exam prep courses, and practice exams. Ensure they have the necessary skills and confidence for exam success.

  1. Gain practical expertise with AWS Builder Labs

Develop your team’s hands-on skills by building and implementing AWS solutions using guided instructions. Practice in a live AWS environment without the risk of unexpected expenses.

  1. Put skills to the test with AWS Jam

Engage your team in collaborative challenges to foster shared learning, creativity, and trust. Participate in AWS Jam events to solve open-ended challenges and demonstrate expertise.

  1. Find real-life solutions with Industry Quest

Address industry-specific challenges with tailored solution-building assignments for your team. Apply new skills directly to your work in industries like Financial Services and Healthcare, with more to come.

Cloud Wizard – Advanced Tier Training Partner With AWS


As an Advanced Tier Training Partner with AWS, Cloud Wizard is dedicated to empowering organizations with the skills needed to succeed in the cloud. With our training programs and digital learning platform, we strive to make cloud technology accessible to all through a series of off-the-shelf classroom training courses and digital skill builder courses. 

Build your cloud knowledge. Buy a subscription to the Skill Builder for your team right here!


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