What Is AWS Certified Security – Speciality Certification?


Security Certified AWS engineer

One of the most crucial aspects to take care of in the corporate realm since the rise of digital technology is to safeguard data. Cyber threats have grown exceptionally fast and it has even been reported that by 2027, companies would suffer losses amounting to as high as $27 trillion in cyber crimes (as per TechTarget). This makes the role of security engineers extremely essential in the business world today. But how to gain the required knowledge and expertise in it? 

Well, taking up the AWS Certified Security – Speciality Certification could be a good place to start. Provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), this certification ensures your security engineering skills are up to the industry standard.

AWS Certified Security – Speciality: An Outline 


The AWS Certified Security – Speciality is a certification that validates your expertise in safeguarding cloud infrastructures, by ensuring that you have top-notch ability to design and implement effective security solutions within the AWS cloud. These include specialized data classifications, encryption methods, secure internet protocols, data protection mechanisms etc. If you are a seasoned IT professional with experience in security architecture, this certification can be ideal for validating your proficiency across various domains like cloud architecture, DevSecOps, networking and database management among others. 

Things To Consider Prior To Taking Up The Certification 


It must be very enticing to consider taking up the AWS Certified Security – Speciality certification now that you know what it is about. However, there are still a number of things to keep in mind to make an informed decision about it, including its eligibility criteria and the prior knowledge required. 

Who Should Appear For The Exam?

The target candidate should have the equivalent of 3–5 years of experience in designing and implementing security solutions. Additionally, the target candidate should have a minimum of 2 years of hands-on experience in securing AWS workloads.

Recommended AWS knowledge

The target candidate should have the following knowledge: – 

  • The AWS shared responsibility model and its application
  • General knowledge of AWS services and deploying cloud solutions
  • Security controls for AWS environments and workloads
  • Logging and monitoring strategies
  • Vulnerability management and security automation
  • Ways to integrate AWS security services with third-party tools
  • Disaster recovery controls, including backup strategies
  • Cryptography and key management
  • Identity access management
  • Data retention and lifecycle management
  • How to troubleshoot security issues

Is AWS Security Specialty Certification Worth It? 


If you have any doubt in the fact that the AWS Security – Speciality certification can be a boon for a great career in the Security Engineering domain, here are a few benefits that would make sure they get totally dispelled: –  

  • Gain valuable insights into securing cloud environments
  • Validate expertise in a highly sought-after skill set
  • AWS certification holds significant value in the tech industry
  • Opens doors to exciting career opportunities and professional growth
  • Powerful asset on your resume for advancing current role or exploring new career avenues
  • Invest in AWS Security Specialty certification for mastering cloud security and propelling career to new heights

Cloud Wizard – Advanced Tier Training Partner With AWS 


An AWS certification can truly take the trajectory of your career in a positive direction. However, to successfully clear the certification exam requires a lot of guidance and resources. Only an Advanced Tier Training Partner with AWS can provide this guidance. This is why teaming up with Cloud Wizard can be of great assistance to you. Their off-the-shelf training courses, exam prep sessions and lots of practice questions would make sure you excel in your cloud domain and easily become an AWS certified professional in no time.

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