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Cloud security is a concern of immense importance to companies across the world in today’s digital landscape. The increase in cyber attacks and data breaches have made it essential for a greater focus on safeguarding information. Professional security engineers are highly sought after nowadays for it. But how to be one? Thankfully, Amazon Web Services (AWS) have just the answer. The Security Engineering on AWS course addresses these pressing concerns by equipping you with the knowledge and skills to build and interact with the AWS cloud securely. Let us take a look at what the course is all about and how you can enroll in it. 

Security Engineering on AWS: An Overview


Security remains a critical aspect for both cloud customers and those considering cloud adoption. With cyber attacks and data leaks on the rise, it’s crucial to understand how to navigate the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment securely. The Security Engineering on AWS course is designed to enhance your understanding of managing identities, provisioning accounts, and monitoring API activity for irregularities. You’ll also learn how to protect data stored on AWS, including techniques for generating, collecting, and monitoring logs to identify security incidents effectively.

What Will You Learn As Part Of The Security Engineering on AWS Course? 


As part of the Security Engineering on AWS course’s 8 comprehensive modules, you will broadly cover the following topics: – 

  • Describe the advantages and responsibilities of using the AWS Cloud for security.
  • Construction of secure application infrastructures
  • Application and data protection against typical security risks
  • Automate and carry out security checks
  • Set up apps’ and resources’ permissions and authentication
  • AWS resource monitoring and incident response
  • assemble and analyze logs
  • With tools like AMIs and AWS CloudFormation, create and configure automated and repeatable deployments.

Things To Consider Before Taking Up The Course


The Security Engineering on AWS is a course aimed towards providing knowledge and practical expertise on interacting and building with Amazon Web Services in a secure manner that ensures the confidentiality of an organization’s data remains safe. As beneficial as this course may seem, there are still a few things one should keep in mind before opting for it, which are mentioned as follows: – 

Who Is The Course Meant For?


The Security Engineering on AWS course is ideal for: –

  • Security engineers seeking to enhance their expertise in cloud security.
  • Security architects responsible for designing secure AWS infrastructures.
  • Cloud architects looking to strengthen their knowledge of security best practices.
  • Cloud operators working across various global segments.

Prerequisites for the Course


Before enrolling in the Security Engineering on AWS course, it is recommended to have: –

  • Completed the following classroom training courses: AWS Security Essentials and Architecting on AWS.
  • Working knowledge of IT security practices and infrastructure concepts.
  • Familiarity with the AWS Cloud.

Find out more details about the course right here!

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Teaming up with an Advanced Tier Training Partner With AWS like Cloud Wizard can be of great help in gaining access to a host of AWS courses required to navigate the AWS cloud securely and confidently. With their off-the-shelf courses, exam prep sessions, and hands-on labs, Cloud Wizard helps you take your journey to being a security engineering professional in no time and contribute to a safer and more resilient cloud environment. 

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