AWS Well-Architected Framework - Performance Efficiency Pillar


AWS Well-Architected Framework - Performance Efficiency Pillar

It can be quite a challenge to achieve consistent and lasting performance in traditional, on-premises business environments. Optimizing resources to meet application demands, keeping their fluctuation in mind, can be quite difficult for any business today. This is where the AWS Well-Architected Framework comes into the picture with its Performance Efficiency Pillar. This pillar is pretty much the guiding principle to ensure how to efficiently use computing resources in the cloud, which in turn, makes sure that your applications perform optimally and cost-effectively. 

Performance Efficiency Pillar Of AWS Well-Architected Framework – An Outline 


The AWS Well-Architected Framework functions on six pillars, or principles. Of these, the performance efficiency pillar is an interesting and important one. This principle is focused upon the optimization of the usage of computing resources, keeping in mind the workload requirements. This ensures greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness for the business. There are various areas within the cloud which can be worked with to achieve this performance efficiency, which are: –

  1. Architecture selection
  2. Compute and hardware
  3. Data management
  4. Networking and content delivery
  5. Process and culture

5 Ways In Which Implementing The Performance Efficiency Pillar Can Help Optimize Your Cloud Infrastructure 


Now that you are familiar with the basic premise of the Performance Efficiency Pillar of the AWS Well-Architected Framework, it is time to know how exactly can this principle be practically applied: – 

  1. Make it easy for your team by letting your cloud vendor handle complicated tasks. They turn technologies like NoSQL databases and machine learning into services your team can use, so they can focus on making products.
  2. Put your work in multiple AWS Regions worldwide for faster, better service for customers without spending much more.
  3. Forget about managing physical servers with serverless setups. This means less work for you and maybe lower costs, too, since these services work on a big scale.
  4. Use virtual tools to quickly test different types of setups to find the best one for your needs.
    Pick the tech that fits your goals best. Think about how you’ll use your data when choosing databases or storage for your work.

Ensure Your Cloud Infrastructure Performs Efficiently With AWS Well-Architected Review With Cloud Wizard


The AWS Well-Architected Framework provides valuable guidance for organizations to optimize their operations and achieve greater performance excellence in their cloud infrastructure. Upon partnering with Cloud Wizard, a Select Tier Services Partner with AWS, businesses can take up an AWS Well-Architected Review to precisely analyze and identify the issues in their current practices based on the framework and find scope of possible improvement. This review process ensures that the organizations adjust and align their operations to the best practices in the industry and enhance their efficiency and workflow. 

Earn $5,000 in AWS service credits per workload if you implement the review recommendations! 


So, what are you waiting for? Get an AWS Well-Architected Review at Cloud Wizard today!


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