How To Prepare For The AWS MLS-C01 Machine Learning Exam?


How To Prepare For The AWS Machine Learning Exam?


Machine learning has helped businesses gain insights from data in advance to make effective strategies. It is no wonder that companies are seeking professionals in this domain at such a scale these days. The AWS Machine Learning Certification is a badge of excellence in ML, which adds a lot of value to a candidate’s resume in the job market. It is achievable by successfully completing the AWS MLS-C01 Machine Learning Exam. But what does the exam entail? And how can one prepare for it so as to ensure a successful result? Let us take a look.

What is the AWS MLS-C01 Machine Learning Exam? 


The AWS Certified Machine Learning – Speciality (MLS-C01) exam assesses an individual’s ability to build, train, and deploy ML models on the AWS platform. This exam, categorized in the Speciality level, allows candidates 180 minutes to complete it. The cost of the exam is 300 USD, and it consists of 65 questions in either multiple-choice or multiple-response formats. Candidates can choose to take the exam at a Pearson VUE or PSI testing center, or opt for an online proctored exam for added convenience.

The exam covers four main content domains, each with its respective weightings: –

– Domain 1: Data Engineering (20%)

– Domain 2: Exploratory Data Analysis (24%)

– Domain 3: Modeling (36%)

– Domain 4: Machine Learning Implementation and Operations (20%)

How To Effectively Prepare For The AWS MLS-C01 Machine Learning Exam


On deciding to take up the AWS MLS-C01 Machine Learning Exam, the first question that arises is that of preparation. A thorough exam prep is necessary to gain enough knowledge and confidence to ensure successful completion. This can be easily accomplished by taking up a comprehensive classroom training course, like The Machine Learning Pipeline on AWS

This intermediate-level course guides you through the iterative machine learning (ML) process pipeline, essential for solving real business challenges. Through instructor presentations and hands-on exercises, you’ll learn to navigate each phase of the pipeline. By the end of the 4-day program, you’ll have built, trained, evaluated, tuned, and deployed an ML model using Amazon SageMaker for tasks like fraud detection, recommendation engines, or flight delays—key topics in the exam. It can be of great help in passing the MLS-C01 exam even with minimal prior ML knowledge. 

Additionally, you can join a special AWS exam prep course that would focus especially on the key topics of the MLS-C01 exam. This course would provide insights into data engineering, exploratory data analysis, modeling, and ML implementation and operations. It will further help you understand exam questions and apply the concepts properly with confidence.

Ensure Certification Success with Rigorous AWS Exam Prep at Cloud Wizard 


Partnering with Cloud Wizard for AWS exam readiness courses can boost your preparation efforts a lot. Our off-the-shelf AWS courses, in combination with special exam readiness sessions, are designed to make aspirants well-versed with each of the exam topics  and provide valuable insights into the process of attempting the examination from experienced AWS instructors. With hands-on labs, practice questions, and expert guidance, you’ll be well-prepared to ace the AWS MLS-C01 Machine Learning exam with Cloud Wizard.

Want to try your hand at one of the AWS courses? Check out what we have to offer right here!


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