Is AWS machine learning certification worth it?


Is the AWS Machine Learning Certification worth it?

The requirement for skilled professionals in machine learning (ML) is extremely high across the job market. In the data-driven industry today, businesses are looking forward to individuals who can build, train, and deploy ML models so that they can get insights from their data for constructing strategies in advance. 

The AWS Machine Learning Certification is said to be the mark of excellence for any individual willing to work in this field in the long run. However, is it really worth the time and effort to pursue it? What difference does it even make? Let us take a detailed look at what it is and whether it is worth it or not.

An Outline Of The AWS Machine Learning Certification 


The AWS Certified Machine Learning – Speciality certification validates a candidate’s ability to work with ML models on AWS, including building, training, tuning, and deploying them. With this certification, a learner must be able to express the intuition behind simple ML algorithms and follow best practices of model-training, deployment and operations. The certification is curated for individuals who have a background in development or data science. To be certified, candidates must pass the 180-minute long AWS Certified Machine Learning – Speciality exam (MLS-C01).

Benefits Of The AWS Machine Learning Certification 


Earning the AWS Machine Learning Certification and displaying it on a resume signifies that the candidate has a good command over machine learning algorithms, frameworks, and the best practices. Additionally, it shows that the candidate has the ability to find real-world solutions on AWS using all this knowledge. The certification is, without a doubt, worth it. It is especially beneficial for candidates in the following roles: – 

  • Developers
  1. Enhance expertise in building and deploying ML models on AWS.
  2. Gain recognition for skills in ML algorithm development and optimization.
  3. Open doors to new job opportunities with companies seeking AWS-certified professionals.
  • Data Scientists
  1. Validate proficiency in developing and deploying ML solutions on AWS.
  2. Demonstrate understanding of ML algorithms and best practices in model training.
  3. Increase credibility in the field and attract potential employers.
  • Data Analysts
  1. Expand knowledge of ML techniques and their application on the AWS Cloud.
  2. Learn to work with large datasets and derive actionable insights.
  3. Be a valuable asset to organizations looking to leverage ML for data analysis.

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Gain Excellence in Machine Learning with AWS Certifications Provided by Cloud Wizard 

Now that it’s clear how beneficial the AWS Machine Learning Certification truly is for individuals from a variety of industries, it is time to be introduced to a trusted partner with whom you can receive rigorous training and be ready to ace the certification exam. Cloud Wizard is an Advanced Tier Training Partner that offers some of the best training programs which are curated to prepare you for a variety of AWS certification exams, including the Machine Learning certification. With expert instructors, hands-on labs, and exam readiness sessions, Cloud Wizard’s training sessions would catapult you towards certification success!

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