What is the Machine Learning Certification on AWS?


Machine Learning Certification on AWS

Machine Learning has been a crucial part of driving innovation and optimization of businesses in the digital landscape. There is no doubt that ML is a field with enormous potential to catapult careers in this day and age. 

But to make an impact with hiring managers, the ML enthusiasts need to be more than just aware of the basics of ML concepts. They need to have adequate skills to build, train, and deploy ML models. The Machine Learning Certification On AWS can be of great assistance in validating these skills. Let’s take a look at what the certification is all about and how to achieve it. 

Machine Learning Certification On AWS – An Overview


The Machine Learning Certification On AWS is a badge of expertise for a learner’s ability to build, train, tune, and deploy ML models on AWS. It validates the skill of working with basic ML algorithms, following model-training, deployment and operational best practices. 

The certification is designed for people who perform development or data science roles. At least one year of experience in developing, architecting or running ML/deep learning workloads in AWS Cloud is recommended. For earning the certification, candidates need to successfully complete the AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty Exam (MLS-C01).

What is the AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty Exam?


The AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty Exam is important for becoming a certified ML professional. It validates your knowledge and ability to design, implement, deploy, and maintain Machine Learning (ML) solutions for real-world business problems. It focuses on certain topics that include data engineering, exploratory data analysis, modeling, and ML implementation and operations. The exam stresses on applying knowledge on practical scenarios, thus making candidates employment-ready. 

  1. Duration of the exam – 180 minutes
  2. Number of Questions – 65 (50 scored, 15 unscored)
  3. Question types – Multiple choice and Multiple response questions
  4. Price – 300 USD

Things to Consider Before Taking Up the Certification 


While the Machine Learning Certification on AWS is extremely helpful in getting good employment opportunities in the field of ML, there are still a few things one needs to consider before finalizing on taking up the exam. These are mentioned as follows: – 

Candidate Prerequisites

It is recommended that a candidate should have a solid foundation in ML concepts and AWS Cloud infrastructure, with at least 1-2 years of experience in developing, architecting, or executing ML on AWS. A good hold on Python programming and familiarity with services provided by AWS like Amazon CloudWatch or S3 is a plus. 

Required Knowledge

Before enrolling in the certification course, it’s essential to have a good understanding of ML algorithms, hyperparameter optimization, and the machine learning pipeline. Proficiency in expressing the intuition behind ML algorithms, experience with ML and deep learning frameworks, and knowledge of model training, deployment, and operational best practices are key to success.

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Benefits of Achieving the Machine Learning Certification On AWS


The Machine Learning Certification on AWS can be beneficial for professional growth and enrichment of skill sets in more ways than one. Here are a few ways in which the certification can be of great value to a candidate: – 

  • Unlock New Career Opportunities

Certified professionals are in high demand across industries, from finance to healthcare, where ML-driven insights are transforming business operations.

  • Gain Recognition and Credibility

The AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty credential demonstrates a candidate’s excellence in ML on the AWS platform. This certification is recognized globally as a mark of professionalism.

  • Expand Your Skill Set

With this certification, one can learn to design scalable, cost-optimized, and secure ML pipelines on AWS, enhancing your capabilities as an ML practitioner.

  • Access Exclusive Benefits

Upon certification, the learner shall gain access to a range of exclusive benefits. Upon showcasing achievement with digital badges on social media and email signatures, the candidate receives a 50% discount voucher for recertification or any other exam as well as invites to regional Appreciation Receptions and exclusive access to AWS Certification Lounges at events.


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