Why Should Entry-Level Talent Join Cloud Firms?


Why Should Entry-Level Talent Join Cloud Firms?

If you are someone who is freshly graduated and prepping yourself up to enter the professional world, certainly there would be a number of opportunities and challenges in front of you. To start with, you might want to have clarity on what domain to choose for having a lucrative career path in the future. 

For emerging professionals, the domain of cloud computing is one with the most opportunities at hand. Joining a cloud organization could truly catapult your career to new heights even at the entry-level. Why is it so, and what should you do to be eligible for a career in the cloud domain? Let’s take a look at all the answers up ahead.

Cloud Organizations Bring A Great Opportunity For Emerging Talent In The Cloud Domain 

Cloud organizations are filled with exciting opportunities for emerging talent as the digital landscape evolves. The demand for skilled cloud professionals is on the rise. As per a recent study by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), quoted by AWS, cloud organizations are prioritizing the cultivation of a diverse workforce, blending the expertise of seasoned professionals with the fresh and innovative ideas of entry-level talent.

Aspiring cloud professionals would find a number of lucrative opportunities in the dynamic environment of a cloud organization. They would be able to get hands-on experience in cloud computing, gain knowledge from experienced professionals, and get to work on important projects that would aid career growth and development.


5 Reasons Why Entry-Level Talent Should Consider Joining Cloud Organizations 

Cloud organizations are certainly one of the most thriving elements of the digital ecosystem today. They are the arena where innovation is abundant and groundbreaking ideas come to life! For entry-level talent, these organizations have a lot to offer. Here are a few reasons why you, as an aspiring cloud professional, should consider joining a cloud organization: – 

  1. Plenty of Job Opportunities: There are lots of jobs in the cloud field, but not enough people to fill them. The ESG study says there will be 15% more cloud jobs by 2031. Yet, it’s hard for companies to find experienced cloud workers. This means entry-level talent have a big chance to get good jobs.
  1. Fast Career Growth: Cloud companies offer fast growth for your career. If you start with cloud tech knowledge, you can move up the ladder quickly. The industry is always changing, so there’s always something new to learn and new positions to try.
  1. Learn by Doing: In a cloud company, you get to learn by doing real projects. You solve tough problems and get hands-on experience that’s more than just reading books. This way of learning makes you learn faster and get ready for the real world of work.
  1. Room for innovation: Cloud companies are where new ideas and cutting-edge technologies come together. By working there, you get to know the latest trends, tools, and ways of doing things. You can be part of amazing projects and be a part of creating new things.
  1. Network with like-minded cloud experts: Joining a cloud company means meeting lots of other professionals. You can find mentors to help you, people to work with on projects, and even future bosses. Making good connections early can lead to advice, support, and exciting job chances later on.

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Gain Cloud Skills With AWS Classroom Training By Joining Hands With Cloud Wizard 

If you are sure to take your first steps into the domain of cloud, you need to have good knowledge and command over the basics of cloud computing. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the leading vendors of some detailed courses and certifications that would help you develop a solid foundation for cloud success. 

But with so many courses and certifications at hand, you might be overwhelmed. You would require a helping hand in preparing for the exams that would validate your skills and make you employment-ready. This is where Cloud Wizard, an AWS Advanced Tier Training Partner, can be of great assistance. Cloud Wizard provides a series of off-the-shelf classroom training courses along with special exam readiness sessions and hands-on labs to make sure you are well-versed with every aspect of cloud theoretically and practically as well. 

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