DevOps Engineering on AWS Training Course

With the help of DevOps Engineering on AWS, you can increase your company’s ability to develop, deploy rapidly, and support apps and services on AWS by combining DevOps’ cultural ideas, processes, and technology. Microservices, Instrumentation and Logging, Coordination and Communication, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), and Microservices are all topics covered in this course. Through practical experiments, you can create and launch serverless apps, container-based programs, and applications on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) using AWS CloudFormation designs and CI/CD pipelines. To help you become the ideal AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, there are labs for multi-pipeline procedures and channels that deploy to diverse environments. Here’s what to know about the AWS Devops Training Course and what are the roles and responsibilities of an AWS DevOps Engineer.

AWS DevOps Certification Course in Engineering: An Overview

The AWS DevOps Certification Training helps you navigate the complexities of AWS engineering and decode and develop applications that can help enhance your company’s ability to create stunning web applications. Here’s what you will learn in the WS DevOps course of engineering:

  • Use DevOps best practices to design, deploy, and manage apps and services on AWS.
  • List small, independent DevOps teams advantages, purposes, and responsibilities.
  • Utilizing Amazon Web Services, design and construct a DevOps development project support architecture.
  • Use AWS Cloud9 to create, run, and debug your code.
  • AWS CloudFormation can be used to install various environments.
  • You can host safe, highly scalable, and private Git repositories using AWS CodeCommit.
  • Incorporate Git repositories into your CI/CD pipelines.
  • Automate code creation, testing, and packaging using AWS CodeBuild.
  • Integrate Docker images into your CI/CD processes for secure distribution, use, and storage.
  • Create CI/CD pipelines to deploy apps on Amazon EC2, serverless apps, and container-based apps.
  • Utilize well-known deployment strategies like “all at once,” “rolling,” and “blue/green”.

Moreover, this is the perfect course for a DevOps engineer or a Developer.

What Is the Role of AWS DevOps Engineer?

A well-known software development approach called DevOps aims to bridge the communication gap between IT personnel and developers. DevOps can assist firms in introducing minor features fast based on customer input. AWS DevOps engineers’ responsibilities include limiting software faults and reducing the time between repairs. The weight of the restrictions described in the traditional waterfall paradigm is lessened with the assistance of a DevOps engineer. The creation of automated CI/CD pipelines can benefit from the many developments, testing, and deployment technologies. Here’s an overview of a DevOps engineer’s roles and responsibilities:

DevOps Evangelist

It is one of the critical responsibilities of an AWS DevOps engineer. DevOps evangelist roles are typically performed by those in charge of ensuring that the strategy is used throughout the product development process. They are also in order to come up with new ideas for how to improve the current architecture. A DevOps evangelist must know various automation tools and abilities while working to improve the architecture. Additionally, they are responsible for supervising other DevOps positions and maximizing team productivity.

Release Manager 

The release manager is a significant function of an AWS DevOps engineer. As release managers, they must incorporate new or updated features into the current architecture. The coordination and administration of the product from development through deployment are the primary goals of the release manager. There may be several depending on how many release managers are needed for the projects.

Automation Expert

An automation specialist is a well-known AWS DevOps engineer profession. DevOps engineers must identify the components that can be automated. They also search for methods to combine one product stack with another. A specialist in integration or automation may also conduct continuous deployment strategy analysis, design, and implementation.

Software Developer/Tester 

Software developer or tester is the root-level role that an AWS DevOps engineer can play. This role includes traditional programmers and coders. However, introducing unit testing, deployment, and continuous monitoring broadens the scope of duties.

Security Engineer & Quality Assurance Specialist 

The security engineer and quality assurance specialist positions are the other two key ones for AWS DevOps Engineers. Quality assurance professionals who test each feature’s functionality improve a product’s performance. Security measures must be incorporated into the development lifecycle by security engineers. Additionally, they keep track of system performance and pinpoint downtimes and their underlying causes.

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AWS Bundles – Active Directory Bundle

  • Simplify your Active Directory integration with our pre-packaged AWS resources.
  • It’s a combination package of EC2 pre-installed with Microsoft Active Directory and Domain Controllers.
  • You can either choose to install the Active Directory alone or add the Domain Controller together. The Roles and Services are configured and installed.
  • It is a One-size fits all bundle for most SMB spaces when it comes to Active Directory Deployment.
  • In terms of security, the VM is pre-configured with host-based firewall to allow RDP.
  • When to use this bundle?
  • A new Active Directory Setup in AWS
  • Extending your AD infrastructure into AWS
  • Adding additional Domain Controllers in AD
  • Price starting from USD57/month

Bundle Overview

  • 1 x Virtual Machine (Windows/Ubuntu)
  • You can choose from 3 database server sizes: (Small: 2vCPU’s, 4GB RAM, 50GB / Medium: 2vCPU’s, 8GB RAM, 50GB / Large: 4vCPU’s, 16GB RAM, 50GB.)
  • Pre-configured host-based firewall to allow RDP
  • Deployable in existing networks in AWS or new networks (Network Bundle)
  • ADDS roles and services configured and installed
  • Automatically joined to your AD Domain

AWS Bundles – Web Hosting Bundle

  • Quickly deploy and manage your web applications with our pre-packaged AWS resources.
  • This bundle is designed for new customers just starting their journey on AWS and customers migrating a Windows-based web application to AWS. It is suitable for any workloads that require an application server and MySQL database server.
  • The bundle is pre-configured with subnets, web server and a database in Multi-AZ environment with routing and preconfigured host firewalls.
  • Price starting from USD1,666/month

Bundle Overview

  • 2 x Public Subnet
  • 2 x Private Subnets with no exposure to the internet
  • 1 x Windows WebApp Server
  • 1 x RDS MS SQL
  • 3 available sizes:
    • Small, 2 vCPUs, 4GB RAM,40GB EBS, 2 vCPUs, 8GB RAM, 40GB EBS 
    • Medium, 2 vCPUs, 8GB RAM,80GB EBS, 4 vCPUs, 16GB RAM,80GB EBS 
    • Large, 4 vCPUs, 16GB RAM,120GB EBS, 8 vCPUs, 32GB RAM,120GB EBS
  • Multi-AZ Deployment
  • Preconfigured routing and security group for web server and database

AWS Bundles – Secure Storage Bundle

  • Safeguard your data with our secure storage solution.
  • This One-size-fits all bundle enables you and your customer to build a secured storage environment in AWS.
  • Your AWS S3 will be added with additional securities encompassing storage security such as data loss prevention, scanning malware or malicious files uploaded or backed up in your Cloud storage.
  • It employs AWS’s native security features plus the Cloud market’s best security solutions to make the storage impregnable.
  • When to use this bundle …
    • New Customers Migrating to AWS
    • Storage Offload from on-premise to AWS
    • Application Modernisation

  • Price starting from USD25/month

Bundle Overview

  • 1 x S3 Bucket
  • You can choose from 3 sizes: (Small: 50GB / Medium: 100GB / Large: 150GB)
  • Deployable in existing networks in AWS or new networks (Network Bundle)

AWS Bundles – AWS WAF Bundle

  • Protect your applications with our pre-packaged AWS WAF solution.
  • This bundle is designed for…
    • A new customer just starting its journey on AWS and is building a web application
    • A customer is migrating a web application to AWS
    • A customer has a workload on AWS (ELB/API Gateway/CloudFront) that they want to secure from web-based attacks.
  • It protects against common application attacks such as XSS attacks, Bots and DDoS, SQL injection, and unwanted malicious traffics. Workloads such as ELB, API Gateway, and CloudFront will be secured with one-click bundle installation.
  • Price starting from USD5/month

Bundle Overview

  • Protection against common application vulnerabilities or other unwanted traffic
  • Protection from malicious traffic that increases resource consumption
  • Protection from XSS attacks.
  • (Optional) Protection from bots and DDoS attacks.
  • (Optional) Protection from SQL Injection attacks
  • Protection from PHP/WordPress attacks
  • Centralised WAF logging and monitoring

AWS Bundle – Network Bundle

  • Set up your network infrastructure easily and securely with our pre-packaged AWS resources.
  • This bundle is designed for the new customer just starting their journey on AWS2 and any new workloads that require their own network.
  • Bolster Your Security Posture
  • The VM is a pre-configured Routing and host-based firewall to allow RDP. The bundle is also pre-configured with host firewalls for web servers and databases.
  • Price starting from USD135/month

Bundle Overview

  • 2 x Public subnets in 2 Data Centers
  • 2 x Private Subnets behind a Router with NAT Capabilities
  • 2 x Private Subnets with no exposure to the internet
  • 1 x Bastion Subnet
  • 1 x Bastion Host/Jump Server
  • Preconfigured Routing
  • Preconfigured host firewalls for web servers and databases
  • Architectural Best Practices included

AWS Bundles – Database Bundle

  • Deploy and easily manage your databases using our pre-packaged AWS resources.
  • This bundle installs the managed database of your choice (MySQL, MSSQL, PostresSQL, Maria) and is easy to deploy on existing networks or new networks
  • Standardised way to deploy databases in AWS
  • The VM is pre-configured with host-based firewall to allow a secured connection to the database.
  • Price starting from USD200/month

Bundle Overview

  • 1 x Managed Database Server (MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Maria)
  • You can choose from 3 database server sizes: (Small: 2vCPU’s, 4GB RAM, 50GB / Medium: 2vCPU’s, 8GB RAM, 50GB / Large: 2vCPU’s, 16GB RAM, 50GB
  • Pre-configured host based firewall to allow connection on the database
  • Deployable in existing networks in AWS or new networks (Network Bundle)

AWS Bundles – Virtual Machines Bundle

  • Quickly deploy virtual machines with our easy-to-use automation templates for your computing needs
  • Virtual Machines bundle deploys either Windows or Ubuntu Virtual Machines in AWS environment with sizes of your choice.
  • This is a barebone Virtual machine, and the server placement depends on your need – it can be in a Public subnet if you want your server exposed to the internet or a Private subnet if you are using VMs that do not require internet exposure, such as databases.
  • Price starting from USD50/month

Bundle Overview

  • 1 x Virtual Machine (Windows/Ubuntu)
  • You can choose from 3 sizes: (Small: 2vCPU’s, 4GB RAM, 50GB / Medium: 2vCPU’s, 8GB RAM, 50GB / Large: 2vCPU’s, 16GB RAM, 50GB)
  • Pre-configured host based firewall to allow RDP
  • Deployable in existing networks in AWS or new networks (Network Bundle)