Security Engineering on AWS Classroom Course


Security Engineering on AWS Classroom Course

Data security is pretty important, especially when the AWS cloud is loaded with all sorts of information. And being a pro at data security can give you a heads-up in your career. Whether you are starting to explore AWS opportunities or planning to become a master at security, the security engineering on AWS course can be the perfect pick for you. The AWS has a wide variety of courses you can go for. However, the AWS security engineering training course can be a great pick if you are a security engineer or a security architect working in IT practices and infrastructure. Here’s a general overview of the course and what to expect once you have completed the course.

How Much Does the Course Take to Complete?


Security Engineering on AWS is a three-day course with 15 modules and 7 hands-on labs. Each module also comes with knowledge checks to test your knowledge of the skills you just attained.

Why Should You Take Up This Course with Cloud Wizard Consulting?


We Help You Get a High Salary Package 

A data engineer working on the AWS cloud is responsible for engineering safe-to-use and secure infrastructures on AWS. Doing this course can help you get a high-paying job in IT tech giants.Believe us; plenty of companies are willing to hire sound data security engineers. And taking up this course can help you secure your career and job.

You Stay Ahead of The Game


With CloudWizard Consulting, you get exposure in real time. With a student-focused environment, you can learn everything you need to know about this course and work on practicals as well. In short, we help you gain practical skills that not only help you understand the goals and outcomes of the course but also the real time application of this course. We help you understand every aspect of the course through our highly trained experts. This helps you stay ahead of your game and get an edge over the competition.

What Will I Learn in This Course?


This AWS Security course teaches you how to successfully use AWS security tools to protect your data in the AWS Cloud. The course emphasizes the security practices that AWS advises applying to enhance the security of your data and cloud-based services. The top four AWS services—compute, storage, networking, and database—are emphasized for their robust security features. You will also learn how to leverage AWS tools and services to automate tasks, keep track of ongoing activities, and solve security issues.

Here’s a general overview of what you will learn in the Security Engineering on AWS course:

  • Give examples of the benefits and obligations of using the AWS Cloud for security.
  • Infrastructures for secure application development
  • protection of applications and data from common security risks
  • Automate and conduct security inspections
  • Set up the authentication and permissions for the apps and resources.
  • Monitoring resources on AWS and responding to incidents
  • Compile and evaluate logs
  • Create and configure automated, repeatable deployments using tools like AMIs and AWS CloudFormation.

Do I Need Prior Experience Before Enrolling in the Course?

You must meet the following requirements to enroll in this course:
  • Working familiarity with IT infrastructure and security procedures
  • Understanding of cloud computing principles
  • Completed the instructor-led courses for AWS Security Essentials and Architecting on AWS

Who is this Course For?


If you fall under one of the following categories, you may enroll in this course:

  • Security specialists
  • Security engineers
  • Experts in information security

Getting AWS Certified in Security Essentials


Once you have completed the course of security essentials, you will be required to appear for the AWS-certified security-specialty examination, which will help you attain the AWS certification. With the help of this certification, firms can identify and develop individuals with the necessary skills to implement cloud initiatives. Knowledge of safeguarding workloads and data on the AWS Cloud is verified by the AWS Certified Security – Specialty credential.

Learning AWS With Cloud Wizard Consulting


CloudWizard consulting is the proper place for you if you are planning to learn security essentials on AWS. With practical sessions, hands-on labs and live demonstrations, we help you get in touch with industry professionals who know everything about AWS.

Enroll in this course today.


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