The Advanced Architecting on AWS Course


The Advanced Architecting on AWS Course

With the prevalence of cloud-based infrastructures and solutions across the business world, a role that is rising in demand is that of a Solutions Architect – who ensures efficient, scalable, and secure cloud infrastructures. How to trace the path of becoming one, you might wonder. Well, to begin with, taking up relevant courses provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) would be ideal. Their Advanced Architecting on AWS Course is a comprehensive guide to making you employment-ready in a business of any vertical that employs cloud infrastructure. Let us take a look at how the Solutions Architect role has grown in importance and how the right AWS course can help you on your way.   

Why Are Solutions Architects Rising In Demand Among Businesses Today?


The demand for Solutions Architects is rising among businesses today, driven by their pivotal role in bridging technical solutions with business needs. These professionals are crucial in a number of ways for any organization. They provide a number of skills that are invaluable to any business for smooth operation. Some of them include: – 

  • They set up communications between stakeholders and engineers to ensure that project requirements are clearly understood and executed. 
  • They excel at pitching product roadmaps to investors, crafting compelling narratives that secure funding and support for product development. 
  • They play a key role in assisting businesses with digital transformation initiatives, leveraging their expertise to modernize systems and improve operational efficiency.

Aside from being quite an enriching career path for skill development, there are a number of other benefits that you can experience if you take it up. Here’s what’s in it for you: – 

  • Global Opportunities: Solutions Architects have the chance to work on projects spanning across borders, offering a diverse and enriching experience.
  • Lucrative Salaries: This role commands attractive compensation packages, with an average salary of around ₹ 35 LPA*.

*Figures as per glassdoor.

The Advanced Architecting On AWS Course – Your Pathway To Becoming A Professional Solutions Architect 


Now that you have become familiar with the plethora of opportunities that being a Solutions Architect can provide you in your career, your next question might be, how to become one? The Advanced Architecting on AWS Course is precisely the answer.

This advanced-level classroom training course offers you a journey that will brush up your cloud skills beyond the basics and present you with real-world challenges to solve using AWS services. Over the course of three days, you will learn a host of topics like Multiple AWS account management, Hybrid connectivity, Migration strategies, and Cost management.

Once you conclude the Advanced Architecting on AWS Course, you will be equipped with a number of skills to excel in various roles of a Solutions Architect. These will include: – 

  • Architecting Cost-Effective Cloud Systems
  1. Creating and maintaining cost-effective, scalable cloud systems. 
  2. Leveraging cloud services to help organizations achieve maximum value from their cloud investments.
  • Driving Business-Aligned Solutions
  1. Developing cloud-based solutions aligned with business goals. 
  2. Understanding business requirements and translating them into technical solutions. 
  • Leading Digital Transformation
  1. Modernizing infrastructure
  2. Enabling organizations to embrace innovation, improve agility, and respond quickly to market demands.
  • Ensuring Security and Reliability
  1. Designing robust security architectures 
  2. Mitigating risks and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

After the course, you can take up the  AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional certification exam to validate all your knowledge and aptitude and be employment-ready.

Cloud Wizard – Advanced Tier Training Partner With AWS 


Become an expert in architecting and managing advanced AWS cloud solutions with Cloud Wizard’s off-the-shelf courses. As an Advanced Tier Training Partner with AWS, we provide classroom courses and certifications, like the Advanced Architecting on AWS Course led by Authorized Amazon Instructors. Along with that, there are specialized exam prep sessions and practice questions to ensure you become a certified cloud professional in no time! 

Want to elevate your career with Cloud skills? Take a look at a host of AWS Courses right here! 


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