The Architecting on AWS Classroom Training (SAA)


The Architecting on AWS Classroom Training

Developing secure, reliable, and highly available IT solutions is a necessity for businesses today. However, gaining expertise in it can be quite a challenge. Thankfully, there is the Architecting on AWS (Amazon Web Services) course which can help aspiring cloud professionals be aware of all basic concepts and acquire confidence in their skills to be employment-ready in no time. Let us take a peek at the specifications of the course and the eligibility criteria for enrolling into it.

Details of the Architecting on AWS Course


Architecting on AWS is an intermediate level course that is chiefly meant for those seeking knowledge related to AWS architecting. It empowers learners to gain expertise in architecting on the AWS Cloud effectively. AWS Authorized Instructors would make sure that each participant of the course is well versed with the AWS Well-Architected Framework and the best practices in designing optimal IT solutions. 

The various modules of the course, that cover a wide range of topics from account security, networking, compute, storage, databases, monitoring, automation, containers, serverless architecture, edge services, to backup and recovery, take 3 days in total to be completed. At the end of the course, participants would apply their learning by building a solution that mirrors real-world scenarios.

Learning objectives of the Course


The Architecting On AWS course is divided into 13 modules, each of which provides in-depth information on the following aspects of Architecting on the AWS cloud.

  • Identify fundamental AWS architecting practices
  • Summarize the basics of account security within AWS
  • Implement strategies for constructing a secure virtual network, encompassing private and public subnets
  • Build a multi-tier architecture in AWS based on best practices
  • Evaluate and select appropriate compute resources aligned with specific business use cases
  • Compare and contrast AWS storage products and services to address various business scenarios
  • Analyze AWS database services based on unique business needs
  • Implement monitoring, load balancing, and auto scaling responses aligned with business requirements
  • Utilize AWS automation tools to streamline infrastructure building and maintenance
  • Discuss hybrid networking, network peering, gateway, and routing solutions to extend and secure infrastructure
  • Explore AWS container services for rapid deployment of infrastructure-agnostic applications
  • Examine the business and security benefits of AWS serverless services through practical examples
  • Investigate AWS edge services addressing latency and security concerns
  • Implement AWS backup, recovery solutions, and best practices to ensure resilience and business continuity

Points You Should Consider Prior To Joining The Course


The Architecting on AWS course is a viable way to gain expertise in building secure and highly available IT solutions on the AWS Cloud. That being said, there are a few points related to eligibility and knowledge prerequisites that one should consider before finalizing the decision to join the course. These are mentioned as follows: – 

Who is the course meant for?

The following individuals can make the most out of this course: – 

  1. Solution architects: Professionals responsible for designing scalable and efficient AWS solutions.
  2. Solution-design engineers: Those involved in the planning and implementation of architecture on AWS.
  3. Developers seeking AWS architecting knowledge: Individuals looking to enhance their understanding of AWS architecting principles.
  4. Individuals aiming for AWS Solutions Architect-Associate certification: Aspiring candidates preparing for the certification exam.
Prerequisites for the course

Before taking up the Architecting on AWS course, it’s recommended to have the following prerequisites: –

  1. Completion of AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials or AWS Technical Essentials.
  2. A working knowledge of distributed systems to understand the complexities of modern applications.
  3. Familiarity with general networking concepts such as TCP/IP, DNS, and VPN.
  4. Understanding of IP addressing, subnetting, and routing tables.
  5. Proficiency in multi-tier architectures, including knowledge of web servers, application servers, and databases.
  6. Basic familiarity with cloud computing concepts, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

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