Top 3 AWS Courses for Solution Architects & Developer


Top 3 AWS Courses for Solution Architects & Developers

Professionals in the field of cloud are highly sought after by corporates across verticals. Prominent roles like those of developers or solutions architects are proving to be quite well-paying and creatively exciting professional paths to take in the domain. 

As a cloud enthusiast, you might be really enticed by these career options as well, but without apt cloud knowledge and aptitude, how would you be able to go for it? This is where structured classroom training comes into play. By enrolling in classroom training led by Amazon authorized instructors, you can gain invaluable insights and practical skills that will set you apart from the competition. How so? Let us find out ahead.

The Rise Of Solutions Architects And Developers In The Business Sphere


The demand for Solutions Architects and Developers has skyrocketed in recent years, driven by the ever-expanding digital landscape and the increasing reliance on cloud technology. The demand for Solutions Architect roles are projected to increase by 5% between 2018 and 2028* in demand over the past few years, while Developer roles have also seen a similar hike.

This rise can be attributed to the increased adoption of Cloud computing and several digital transformation initiatives in companies. Solutions Architects play a crucial role in bridging the gap between business objectives and technical solutions, ensuring that organizations can leverage cloud technology effectively. On the other hand, Developers work towards building and optimizing cloud-based applications to drive innovation and scalability. 

*figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics 

Why Should You Care About AWS Classroom Training Courses?


If you are an aspiring cloud developer or solution architect, you have to first have a good grasp over the various concepts of the cloud infrastructure for your respective career path. For this, investing in online training courses could be a good idea. Thankfully, Amazon Web Services (AWS) have a number of online training courses available for the same which you should totally look out for. Here are a few reasons why: –  

    AWS training courses provide hands-on experience through labs and case studies, allowing participants to apply their knowledge in practical scenarios. This practical experience is of great value as it edges you ahead of your competitors in front of employers.
    AWS courses allow participants to study at their own pace. This way, aspirants can gain the required cloud skills without compromising on their personal commitments.
    After the course, AWS also provides certification exams which are extremely beneficial in being employment-ready. With the AWS certification, developers can command salaries as high as $97,000 while for solution architects, the figure goes up to $132,000**. 

Hence, investing in AWS training and certification is a great opportunity to upskill and upgrade your value in the job market at the same time. 

** figures as per Skillsoft IT Skills & Salary Report 2023

The Three Best AWS Courses To Look Out For 


Investing in AWS training and achieving their certifications is beneficial in more ways than one. From individual growth to business augmentation by up to a 200% ROI, AWS courses have proven their mettle at all levels. However, as aspirants, it can be overwhelming to go through the whole list of courses and select the right one. Worry not, for we have singled out the three best courses provided by Authorized Amazon Instructors that you certainly should check out to get your cloud journey started: – 

Ideal for beginners, this course offers a comprehensive overview of AWS fundamentals and cloud computing concepts. With hands-on labs and expert-led instruction, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to ace the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam.

Through a series of real-life scenarios and hands-on learning, participants learn to identify the services and features required to build secure and highly available IT solutions in the AWS Cloud. The curriculum covers basic practices of AWS Architecture and guides learners through the process of designing optimal IT solutions using the AWS Well-Architected framework.

Ideal for seasoned software developers familiar with various AWS services, the course requires proficiency in at least one high-level programming language and core AWS services. Prior completion of the Developing on AWS classroom course and a minimum of six months’ real-life experience applying these concepts are recommended.

Cloud Wizard: Advanced Tier Training Partner With AWS


Upskill yourself in AWS cloud solutions with Cloud Wizard’s off-the-shelf courses. As an Advanced Tier Training Partner with AWS, we provide classroom courses and certifications, alongside specialized exam prep sessions and practice questions to ensure you become a certified cloud professional in no time! 

Want to take your career to the next level with Cloud skills? Take a look at a host of AWS Courses right here! 


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