How to Take Your AWS Certification Exam


How to Take Your AWS Certification Exam

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide a bunch of certifications that have gone on to become a badge of expertise for aspiring cloud professionals all across the globe. These industry-standard credentials can only be achieved by successfully completing an AWS certification exam. Now, the accessibility of the exam comes into question. 

“Can I attempt the exam from home?” and “Is the exam center available in my part of the world?“ are some of the questions that come into the mind of aspirants from across the globe. So, let us put all queries to rest by going ahead and finding out what the exam is all about and what modes it is available in. 

A Look At The AWS Certification Exam Pattern


The AWS Certification is a globally recognized industry standard that validates expertise in cloud computing using Amazon Web Services (AWS). The exam aims to assess proficiency in various aspects of cloud computing. It typically consists of 65 questions of both multiple-choice and multiple-response type, which have to be correctly answered within a stipulated time. With the flexibility to choose from a range of exams and testing options, taking the AWS Certification Exam is a convenient step to take your career forward.

Options For Taking Up The Exam


AWS provides significant flexibility when it comes to its certification exam. Two test delivery providers are involved in the global exam delivery, Pearson VUE and PSI. Both of them ensure a proctored exam that is aptly timed to maintain the integrity of the AWS certification process. 

The exam itself can be conducted in one of the following two ways, of which you can choose either one as per your requirement and convenience: – 

  • Testing Centers

The AWS Certification exam is conducted in testing centers near you. These centers consist of technical equipment required to host the exam like a computer system that fulfills the security requirements of AWS among other things. The exam will be proctored by on-site staff and you would be required to finish your exam on the computer assigned to you. To find a testing center near you, search availability by ZIP Code for Pearson VUE and PSI.

  • Online Proctoring

In this testing environment, you can attempt the exam from any private space. This includes your office or home. You would require using your own computer for the exam with a proctor who remotely monitors you through a screen-sharing software and your webcam. These exam appointments can be accessed 24 x 7. This option is available for all AWS certification exams that are scheduled with Pearson VUE** and for the Cloud Practitioner exam when scheduled with PSI. 

Want to enroll for an AWS certification exam yourself? Check out the list of exams and register here!

**Online Proctoring with Pearson VUE is unavailable in Mainland China and South Korea.

Cloud Wizard – Advanced Tier Training Partner With AWS 


Achieving an AWS certification can truly catapult your career in a positive direction. However, to ace the certification exam requires a lot of expert guidance and resources for success. Only an Advanced Tier Training Partner with AWS can provide this guidance. This is why teaming up with Cloud Wizard can be of great assistance to you. Their off-the-shelf training courses, exam prep sessions and lots of practice questions would make sure you excel in your cloud domain and easily become an AWS certified professional in no time.

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