How Will Gaining AI Skills Transform Your Productivity And Pay Scale?


How Will Gaining AI Skills Transform Your Productivity And Pay Scale?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought a revolution in the way businesses function today. It has completely transformed the way we work and as a result, our productivity levels have also been changed big time. This, in turn, has reflected nicely on the salaries of employees across organizations as well! 

So, how has AI managed to create this domino effect on the various elements of the modern day business landscape? Let us take a look at some interesting stats and trends that would blow your mind at how impactful this technology has been in our lives, and how gaining skills in this domain can be extremely beneficial for your career ahead. 

The Rise Of AI In The Professional Landscape 


There are a number of ways in which AI has brought significant changes in our working style. From easing up the task of disease diagnosis for doctors to simplifying shopping experiences, AI has been helpful in more ways than one. Businesses are now looking forward to leveraging AI more than ever, to make their operations more efficient. This implies that developing AI skills would be extremely lucrative for your career growth. 

A recent survey by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) looked at how AI is growing in workplaces. The study asked over 6,500 workers and 2,000 employers in France, Germany, Spain, and the UK. They found that 86% of employers expect to use AI tools by 2028.

The benefits of learning AI skills are huge. It could make you up to 39% more productive and even boost your salary by 30%. But to get these benefits, workers need to learn AI skills. That’s why AWS is offering free AI training through Amazon’s AI Ready initiative. They want to help two million people learn AI skills by 2025 to get ready for the future job market.

5 Stats That Prove AI Would Become Much More Ubiquitous In The Professional World 

A number of interesting insights came from the survey of ESG and AWS, that signal the further expansion and financial lucrativeness of AI in businesses in the near future. They are mentioned as under: – 

  1. Widespread usage of AI: In 2028, 86% of bosses think AI will be in their workplaces. They say AI will help not just in IT (82%) but also in money stuff (77%), research (78%), work operations (76%), and legal things (69%).
  1. Generative AI on the Way: About 80% of workers want to use generative AI tools soon. These tools help make new ideas, like stories and music. Almost half (46%) say the best part is saving time on boring tasks, then being more creative (43%) and making work easier (39%).
  1. More salary with AI Skills: If you learn AI, you might get a 30% bigger paycheck! Bosses are ready to pay more for workers with AI skills. Not just in IT (29% more pay), but also in research (29%), selling stuff (28%), money jobs (28%), work operations (27%), legal things (24%), and helping people at work (24%).
  1. Increase in accessibility of AI: In the next five years, even workers who aren’t techy will use AI for 29% of their daily tasks. AI helps with things like making reports, sending emails, and understanding data.
  1. AI training will be prioritized: Companies want workers with AI skills, but it’s hard to find them. Only 14% of workers feel they know a lot about AI. This means there’s a big need for training programs. The top reasons workers don’t learn AI are not knowing which jobs need AI skills (66%), not knowing about AI training (68%), and not knowing which AI skills they need (64%).

Soft skills are also important. Employers say critical thinking (51%) and creative thinking (47%) are key for using AI tools in 2028.

Gain AI Skills With AWS Classroom Training By Teaming Up With Cloud Wizard

AWS offers a course called “Introduction to Generative AI Essentials for Business and Technical Decision Makers.” This course teaches you about Generative AI, how it helps businesses, and how to plan AI projects. Cloud Wizard, an Advanced Tier Training Partner of AWS, offers classroom training for AWS courses. They have exam prep sessions and hands-on labs to help you learn AI basics. With Cloud Wizard, you can become skilled in AI and get ready for the exciting future of work.

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