What is the AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials?


AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials

If you have been thinking of a career in the cloud, you just have reached the correct source of information. The cloud industry, today, is worth more than $500 billion globally with annual salaries as high as $270,000 (as per Glassdoor). Whether you are a professional with years of experience under the belt or a beginner, a career in the cloud can be a wise move. To begin with, one such program, that experts recommend, is a course called AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials

So what exactly is the AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials course, and how can you enroll for a class? Let’s learn in detail.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials


AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials is an introductory-level program designed to impart knowledge about the fundamentals of AWS Cloud to students and professionals alike. The course involves modules on AWS cloud services, products, and common solutions. Additionally, the course is open to students irrespective of educational background and this also allows individuals from non-technical backgrounds to build a career in it.

Additionally, here’s what you can an expect from the course: 

  • Understand the basic global infrastructure of AWS Cloud and its six benefits
  • Understand the core of AWS services, including computing, networking, databases, and storage along with examples
  • Learn the AWS Well-Architected Framework, the shared responsibility model, the core security services, within the AWS Cloud, and the basics of AWS Cloud migration
  • Articulate the financial benefits of the AWS Cloud for an organization’s cost management, define the core billing, account management, and pricing models, and explain how to use pricing tools to make cost-effective choices for AWS services

Once you have completed the classroom course, you may opt to appear for the certification exam which is called AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Jobs and Career Opportunities


Now that you have learned how rewarding a career in the cloud can be, let’s discuss the jobs and career opportunities that come with the certification.

  • Cloud Support Associate: As a fresher or an entrant in the field, the very first job that you expect is that of the cloud support associate. The cloud support associate assists AWS customers with technical issues and helps them with troubleshooting and timely solutions. 

Salary: From the salary perspective, you can expect an average annual salary between $60,000 to $80,000. This figure will vary based on experience, location, skills, and roles. 

  • Technical Sales Representative: The AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials certification can help you get a job as a Technical Sales Representative. The primary function of the role is to understand the AWS product suite and communicate effectively with clients. The recommendations are uniquely tailored to the client’s needs and industry trends. 

Salary: The average annual salary of a Technical Sales Representative hovers around $80,000 to $120,000 along with bonuses and commissions based on performance. 

  • Project Manager: Surprisingly, project managers also need the AWS Cloud Practitioner Essential programA certified project manager is much more qualified than his peers without one. Project managers in the cloud domain coordinate technical teams, have a sound knowledge of cloud-based technologies, and are also expected to manage the financial aspects of a project. The following course covers all these aspects in detail and hence makes a perfect fit for product managers in the cloud space. 

Salary: Project managers with AWS certifications and in the cloud domain can expect a salary between $90,000 to $120,000. 

  • Business analyst: Business analysts with the AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials program analyze the impact of a cloud-based technology on the business. This includes business strategies and processes that have been instrumental in the development of cost-effective, cloud-based solutions.  

Salary: The salary of a business analyst (especially in the cloud domain) varies greatly. However, one can expect a salary within $75,000 to $125,000. 

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The Bottomline

An AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is qualified enough to command a high salary, given that he has the right skill set that a large pool of companies are looking for. Completing the AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials course is the key here. Certifications from an Advanced Tier Training Partner like Cloud Wizard can help you accelerate your learning process and is a worthwhile learning option as compare to other digital platforms. Contact us here to Get started

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