What is the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification?


AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

The role of entry level talent is essential in any organization that is expecting efficient business operations. Amazon Web Services (AWS) with its variety of courses and certifications, is now the largest cloud vendor for aspiring cloud adopters. The AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials course is a popular way to gain foundational knowledge and make individuals employment-ready in this domain. 

An AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification, that follows the successful completion of an exam based on the course, is highly sought after by individuals who wish to kick start their careers in the domain of cloud computing. Let us take a look at the details of this certification as well as the benefits it provides. 

The AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification – An Overview 


The AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is a mark of expertise for various cloud-based services. An individual with this certification would have a high-level knowledge of various AWS terminologies and services. 

The certification is a starting point for individuals who have basic knowledge of the AWS cloud. Individuals need to have a thorough understanding of all the core concepts related to the cloud and make informed decisions while choosing AWS services for basic cloud operations. 

The certification assists an individual in the following areas: – 

  • Understanding and explaining the AWS shared responsibility model
  • Grasping security best practices
  • Comprehending AWS Cloud costs, economics, and billing practices
  • Describing core AWS services for computing, network, databases, and storage
  • Identifying common use cases for various AWS services

What is the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam? 


The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) exam is designed for individuals demonstrating foundational knowledge of the AWS Cloud, regardless of domains in prior job roles. The candidate receives the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification upon its successful completion. 

Here are some of the key details about the structure of the exam: –

  • Level: Foundational
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Cost: 100 USD
  • Format: 65 questions (of both multiple choice and multiple response types)
  • Delivery Method: Pearson VUE and PSI (testing center or online proctored exam)

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Things to keep in mind before enrolling for the exam 


Before finalizing enrollment for the AWS Cloud Practitioner examination, it is recommended to take a moment and go through all the important criteria for a candidate to be eligible for it among other things. Here is what you need to know: – 

Candidate prerequisites

Candidates with at least 6 months of engagement with AWS Cloud or any equivalent experience would be ideal. This would include exposure to AWS Cloud design, implementation, and/or operations. The candidates should be able to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of well-designed AWS Cloud solutions.

Required AWS knowledge

Candidates are advised to have a thorough understanding of the following concepts for better chances of achieving the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification: –

  • AWS Cloud fundamentals
  • Security and compliance within the AWS Cloud
  • Core AWS services
  • Economics of the AWS Cloud

How does an AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Benefit your Career Prospects? 


The candidate becomes a certified AWS Cloud Practitioner upon successfully completing the exam. This means, they have a significant advantage over non-certified counterparts when it comes to finding employment opportunities to take leaps in their career. Here is how the certification helps an individual gain an edge over the rest within the job market: – 

  1. The AWS Cloud Practitioner certification adds credibility to the individual’s professional caliber and is an industrially-recognized seal of expertise in the field of cloud computing.
  2. Once certified, an individual can command better compensation during employment.
  3. The AWS Cloud Practitioner certification further opens doors of opportunity for learning many more cloud-based concepts to diversify your skill-set. This is possible through other related certifications, including the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate, AWS Certified Developer – Associate, and AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate

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Cloud Wizard is an Advanced Tier Training Partner with AWS and provides training and certification courses to empower individuals and businesses alike with ‘cloud fluency’. Since 2015, upwards of 20,000 individuals have upgraded their skills on Cloud platforms like AWS.

Take a good look at the Cloud Training services offered by them which are developed by AWS and are beneficial for candidates with different experience levels. These training sessions incorporate lots of topics required for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Examination. 

So, join hands with Cloud Wizard Consulting to refine your cloud skills, and be a certified Cloud Practitioner

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